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A Snip And A Tuck

Say Yes to the Dress Lancashire - Season 2

Fashion-lover Kirsty wants to wear trousers on her big day, so Gok gets creative with his designs. Celise is worried her Mormon parents won't approve of her dress.


Cystic River

Dr. Pimple Popper - Season 3

Dennis has several giant growths on his head. Juan has a rare condition he hopes Dr. Lee will understand. Natalie is covered in hundreds of mysterious dark bumps.


Not Your Typical Reunion

Dragnificent! - Season 1

Danyale needs the Queens' help when she is named Queen of her 30th high school reunion! They work to bring out her sparkle and realise her beauty.


You're Fired!

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Season 11

Madi allows her bridesmaids to pick out their own dresses, as long as they complement her bridal gown. Plus, Chasity can't stick up to her opinionated family.


A Mother's Touch

Say Yes to the Dress - Season 10

The death of the fiancé's mother makes bride-to-be Amanda's dress fitting tough, as the consultant also knew the deceased and they had all planned to be present.


I'll Know It When I See It

Say Yes to the Dress - Season 10

Brooke is looking for a special gown - it has to be unique and she won't settle for anything else. Unfortunately, nothing lives up to her expectations.


Apple of His Eye

Say Yes to the Dress - Season 10

Nikasha wants to look like a grown woman on her big day, but dad is at odds with her as he would like her to look the way she did...


A Surprising Turn of Events

Say Yes to the Dress - Season 10

Bride Cindy and her mother are looking for a big, regal ball gown, but get a shock when Cindy's sister and best friend fly in from Miami.


Booty-Do's and Ball Gowns

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Season 5

Kate is engaged for the fifth time. She clearly has trouble making decisions, so will she be able to commit to a dress for wedding number five?


The Family Feud

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Season 5

Cindy and Lamar will be blending their families when they marry and their four kids are excited to join the dress appointment. But can they find a happy medium?


There's No "I" In Groom

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Season 6

Samantha brings her fiancé dress shopping against her mother's wishes. In for her final fitting, Katie hopes her weight loss won't cause more alterations.


Extra-Special Day

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Season 6

TV host, Adrianna Costa is looking to show off her figure in a sexy dress for her upcoming desert wedding. But her mum has more conservative ideas.


Breaking the Bank

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Season 6

Unsure of any of her wedding details, Whitney comes to the store looking for a dress with no style or budget in mind. Can the team give her some inspiration?


Chances Are...

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Season 6

Meredith wants a simple dress for her laid-back wedding, but her family is unwilling to see her settle. Lindsay is worried her dress won't fit her slimmed down figure.


Brides by the Numbers

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Season 6

After trying on more than 75 dresses, picky bride Monica has yet to find the one. Plus, princess-obsessed Natalie surprises everyone at her dress fitting.


To Sleeve, or Not to Sleeve

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Season 6

Amanda wants a dress that shows off her tattoos, but her mum prefers she covers up. Lexie needs to find a dress that matches her family heirloom veil.


Sticker Shock

Say Yes to the Dress - Season 6

Michelle is interested in dresses by the salon's exclusive designer, Pnina Tornai. Meanwhile, Kiki is a Greek 'Southern Belle' who loves a bargain.


Secrets and Surprises

Say Yes to the Dress - Season 6

Niki Ann has shopping experience and a $5000 budget. Meanwhile, mum arrives at Dawn's dressing room with something to help make shopping easier.


Mom's Way Or The Highway

Say Yes to the Dress - Season 6

Duvae wants a dress that makes her look sophisticated. Meanwhile, Sara had a surprise proposal at Kleinfeld's and now she's back for the fitting.


Bride, Interrupted

Say Yes to the Dress - Season 6

Justyna is tying the knot in hours, so she must get a dress. Meanwhile, Shauna has arrived with her family even though she would rather be elsewhere.


Go Big Or Go Home

Say Yes to the Dress Lancashire - Season 2

Nikki has a budget of £5,000 to find the perfect dress for her big day. Plus, Lisa seeks a unique outfit that will make her stand out on social media.


The Amy W Episode

Curvy Brides' Boutique - Season 4

Amy is having an intimate Gibraltar wedding. Jo and Al help make her feel like a beautiful bride. Fashionista Sarah-Lee wants something different for her dress.


The Claire M Episode

Curvy Brides' Boutique - Season 4

Bride Claire got engaged to her fiancé weeks after they met online, but finding a dress proves tricky! And, Jo and Al help Kimberley see her natural beauty.


The Record Breaking Lump

Dr. Pimple Popper - Season 2

Tim has a massive growth on his back that affects his ability to work and socialise. Meanwhile, a mother-daughter duo has bonded over their bumps.


Adventures In Pimplepopping

Dr. Pimple Popper - Season 2

Inoke has a huge and potentially life-threatening bulge on his shoulder. Delano returns to see Dr. Lee and Reed has hundreds of bumps all over his chest.


Sexy Versus Princess

Say Yes to the Dress UK - Season 1

Glamour model Danielle Lloyd is marrying for a second time and won't repeat the same dress mistakes! Jade tries a giant princess dress, but wants a sexy frock.


Fit For A Princess Bride

Say Yes to the Dress UK - Season 1

Nana is Ghanaian royalty and is running out of time to find her wedding gown, whilst Claire seeks something simple for her Windsor Castle wedding!



Sisters and Frothers

Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids - Season 3

Bride Maria and her sister disagree about the bridesmaids wearing a form-fitting dress, while Lindsey is waging her own battle with her mum over necklines.


Size Matters...

Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids - Season 3

A husband-hunting bridesmaid threatens to leave if she can't wear a sexy dress, while another maid's body issues are brought to light against the "skinny maids."



Say Yes to the Dress: The Big Day - Season 3

Brittany is planning an unforgettable grand entrance to her dramatically different wedding reception but Mother Nature has plans of her own, will it rain on her parade?


Dope Spoons & Second Honeymoons

Life After Lockup - Season 1

Tracie explodes when Clint's big secret is revealed. Michael loses it when Sarah goes into labour. Plus, Andrea walks out on Lamar's family.


Sink Or Swim

My Big Fat Fabulous Life - Season 7

During a weekend trip to the lake, Whitney and Ryan clash as her friends beg her to ditch him and move back to Greensboro. Plus, Buddy's new girlfriend shows up.


Don't Sweat It!

Dr. Pimple Popper - Season 3

Audrey pops the painful bumps on her body so she can feel relief. Krista's excessive sweating is so severe that she could fill up an entire milk jug with her...


Walking On Egg Shells

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Season 10

Tensions flare for Bride Kandace and her complicated family dynamics! Plus, bride Kelly is reduced to tears by her pageant coach and his harsh opinions.