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Tumor Bigger Than My Head

Body Bizarre - Season 4

The stories of people round the world who suffer from rare medical conditions, including a man with a life-threatening tumour twice the size of his head.


Eats Toilet Paper/Blow Dryer

My Strange Addiction - Season 1

Stories of people who are battling with obsessive behaviour. Lori sleeps with her blow dryer on and Kesha admits to eating toilet paper every day.


Married to a Doll/Picking My Scabs

My Strange Addiction - Season 1

Davecat treats his life-size doll like a human wife and believes she returns his affections. Rachael spends up to two hours a day picking scabs.


Larry's Journey

My 600-lb Life - Season 9

For Larry, a second weight loss surgery would mean another chance at a career as a gospel recording artist. He must change his eating addiction and take control.


Rebel Wilson's Surprise Outdoor Oasis

Celebrity IOU - Season 1

Rebel Wilson's newly married hairstylist and best friend spent her savings buying a home. Drew and Jonathan turn the backyard into an oasis.


More Like Brook-Heaven

Married To Real Estate - Season 1

Egypt and Mike turn a couple's dated country home into a modern masterpiece. Plus, they continue their hunt for a new business headquarters.


Crystal Clear Choice

Say Yes to the Dress Lancashire - Season 3

Kate brings a bag of crystals to her appointment to help her say yes to the right dress. Tracey is going all out for an alternative wedding to her biker...


I'm Going By The Feel

Say Yes to the Dress - Season 19

Shaela is blind, but she knows exactly what kind of dress she wants. Stacey is running out of time to find an awe-inspiring reception dress.


Princess V. Fishtail

Say Yes to the Dress UK - Season 4

Nicola wants a sophisticated and fitted fishtail dress, but she also wants it to hide her colostomy bag. Plus, Meagan wants fitted, but her mum wants fluffy!


Overpowering Entourage

Say Yes to the Dress UK - Season 4

Abisola dreams of an evening gown-style dress, but her bossy entourage think differently. Gemma returns and hopes her mum will approve of her altered dress.


Split-Level Falls

Flip Or Flop - Season 6

Tarek and Christina find a split-level home with a unique style in Long Beach, California. Can Tarek and Christina create a back garden beauty by the beach?


Beachside Beauty

Flip Or Flop - Season 6

Tarek and Christina get a lead on a home in Torrance, California, that's just miles from the ocean and several upscale beach communities.


The Kitchens

Rock The Block - Season 1

The designers add their signature styles to the kitchen of their homes. Plus, Drew Scott throws a wrench in their plans with a surprise delivery.


Lake House Lottery

My Lottery Dream Home - Season 3

A couple's lakeside retirement dream comes true after they won $1 million on a scratchcard. David Bromstad shows them properties in Webster, Massachusetts.


A Fairytale Fortune

My Lottery Dream Home - Season 3

David helps a couple move out of their tiny rental apartment after winning $1 million. But, can they find somewhere in expensive Washington DC?


Lindsey's Story - Pt 1

My 600-lb Life - Season 8

Lindsey seemed to have it all - but her food addiction threatens to ruin everything. As she starts her weight loss journey, is her husband supportive?


Lindsey's Story - Pt 2

My 600-lb Life - Season 8

Lindsey seemed to have it all - but her food addiction threatens to ruin everything. As she starts her weight loss journey, is her husband supportive?


Big Pop On Campus

Dr. Pimple Popper - Season 3

Dr. Lee treats Reginald, who has a rare growth on the back of his head. Che'Re has a prominent bump on her face, and Juan has painful boils on his...


Episode 2

The Bad Skin Clinic - Season 2

Maureen visits Dr. Emma after developing severe red, raised scarring that covers both buttocks. Meanwhile, Ali's huge lipoma keeps him awake at night.


Is There A Favorite Wife?

Sister Wives - Season 11

While Janelle's household fights through COVID-19, Ysabel has exciting news about her future. Kody struggles when Christine reveals her plans to move away.



Woodland Wonderland

Home Town - Season 5

A couple are looking for a house with nature-inspired whimsy and Southern charm. Ben and Erin plan to create a storybook home that's truly one of a kind.


One On One: Part 2

Sister Wives - Season 11

As the sit-down interviews continue, the Browns reveal difficulties that go back decades, including a short time where Janelle left the family.


Goodbye Freedom

1000-lb Sisters - Season 3

Tammy is back from rehab, and Amy comes to a drastic decision regarding her sister. With his bariatric surgery on the line, Chris tries to shed weight.


Episode 2

Violent Child, Desperate Parents - Season 2

Psychologist Laverne Antrobus is in Oldbury to help improve the behaviour of Demi. This aggressive six-year-old regularly pulls on her mum's hair.


This is Zit: Don't Turn

Dr. Pimple Popper - Season 4

Brittany has been called a monster due to her genetic condition. Plus, Leonardo has a fist-size growth on his head, but he is terrified of doctors.


Under Arrest

Return to Amish - Season 2

Everyone is pitching in to make Mary's Amish bed and breakfast a reality, but keeping everyone on the same page is proving to be a harder fix.