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Pops Ups: Eggs Lipoma

Dr. Pimple Popper: Pop Ups - Season 2

All new pop-up facts and secrets are revealed! Dr. Lee examines a man's suspicious eye growth, and Nicole has lots of large bumps on her neck.


Episode 1

The Bad Skin Clinic - Season 1

Louise's skin condition has taken over her life, now she desperately needs help. Plus, the cysts, blackheads and acne on 43-year-old Scott's back is ruining his life.


Owned by the Roaches

Hoarding: Buried Alive - Season 3

Celia is a psychologist who can't solve her own hoarding problem. Now she's losing the battle against her stuff and the roaches infesting her home.


The Right To Bare Arms Show

Say Yes to the Dress UK - Season 3

Libby has been anxious over the appearance of her arms for decades, and seeks a gown with sleeves. Can she ditch her insecurities for her dream dress?


The All That Glitters Show

Say Yes to the Dress UK - Season 3

Leah wants a bedazzled dress - the more beads the better! Her gran will pay for it if it's not vulgar! Claire seeks a classic Audrey Hepburn-type gown.


I'm A Survivor

Say Yes to the Dress Lancashire - Season 3

After suffering life-changing injuries, Emily wants to feel confident enough to walk down the aisle. 62-year-old Wendy aims to prove that age is just a number.


The Nikita L Episode

Curvy Brides' Boutique - Season 4

Nikita's dad has terminal cancer and fears he may not make her wedding in Cyprus. Having overcome mental illness, Lauren now seeks her dream wedding dress.



Say Yes to the Dress: The Big Day - Season 3

Brittany is planning an unforgettable grand entrance to her dramatically different wedding reception but Mother Nature has plans of her own, will it rain on her parade?


We've Got A Lot Of Catching Up To Do!

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Season 10

New consultant Becca tries to find bride Lindsey her dream dress and appease her fussy entourage. And, will a surprise postpone Kisha's wedding?


I Feel Like I'm In Dress Heaven

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Season 10

With her fiancé in federal prison, Sherien has a few years to find her dream dress. Carla wants the perfect gown for her magical day in Santorini.


Paying It Forward

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Season 10

After her life-threatening battle with kidney disease, Bride Alyssa's future is looking brighter than ever. Plus, Bride Shornell has a last-minute dress-dilemma.


Booby Trap

Say Yes to the Dress - Season 13

Danielle's size thirty-four, J-cup chest is blowing her budget sky high. Stephanie wants to show off the goods but her mother certainly does not.


A Situation In The Salon

Say Yes to the Dress - Season 13

Mike Sorrentino arrives at Kleinfeld to help Melissa find her wedding gown. However, Mike and his brothers steal the spotlight.


Daddy Dearest

Say Yes to the Dress - Season 13

Emily and her very opinionated father want the perfect princess ball gown for her big day. Melissa worries her conservative dad will not like her custom Pnina gown.


Please Love My Dress

Say Yes to the Dress - Season 13

Eccentric Marlene wants a feathered or black ball gown, but her parents prefer something traditional. Jessica loves every dress, but her family likes none.


Love At First Sight

Say Yes to the Dress - Season 13

HuffPost Live correspondent and host, Caitlyn Becker, is torn between two dresses. Candace declares the first gown she wears is her dream dress.


Case Of Dress Distress

Say Yes to the Dress - Season 13

Jamie is devastated when she falls in love with an over-budget gown. Plus, Natalie has trouble committing to a dress in the absence of her ill mother.



Say Yes to the Dress - Season 13

On the days that Kleinfeld is closed to the public, dress designer Pnina Tornai meets with VIP clients for exclusive appointments to discuss their dress dreams.


Performance Piece

Say Yes to the Dress - Season 13

Tony Danza makes his debut at the salon to help his Broadway co-star find the perfect bridal costume for her role in their new musical, Honeymoon in Vegas.


Style Wars

Say Yes to the Dress UK - Season 4

Nichale always dreamed of a fishtail style, but mum is paying, and she wants a princess dress! Kayleigh returns after a massive meltdown, will she be happy with her gown?


Dress Dilemma

Say Yes to the Dress UK - Season 4

Ayesha falls in love with the first dress she tries on, but also loves the second dress as well! Plus, Nichale has another fitting and finds her dress is too...


Under The Influence

Say Yes to the Dress UK - Season 4

Kristin wants the advice of her friends to help her find the perfect gown. Problems arise when she thinks she's found the one, but her friends don't agree.


High Expectations

Say Yes to the Dress UK - Season 4

Nikki looks for a dress that will wow at her big fat Greek wedding. Stephanie is keen to show off her newly slender figure and hopes to find a fitted...


Sexy Vs Bridal

Say Yes to the Dress UK - Season 4

Sophie wants to show it all off for her wedding day but finding the line between sexy and trashy is proving tricky. Plus, Sasha is back for her first fitting.


Mother's Instinct

Say Yes to the Dress UK - Season 4

Rochelle and her mother can only agree on one thing - a dress with a mermaid style silhouette. Bride Nicole is struggling with the idea of glitz on her frock.


A Tiny Pair Of Shorts

Welcome to Plathville - Season 3

Ethan returns from his mysterious road trip and shares important news. Micah gets a wakeup call from his agent and Moriah struggles to be honest with Kim.



My Farty Valentine

7 Little Johnstons - Season 6

Trent plans a special Valentine's Day present for Amber. Emma and Alex set up a dating profile for Anna, and Liz and Brice are quizzed on their relationship.


Ugly Duckling

Say Yes to the Dress - Season 19

After transitioning, Chloe hopes to find a dress that makes her feel like her true self. Country singer Jenny needs a dress that suits her snowy wedding vision.


A House Divided

1000-lb Sisters - Season 1

After a stressful first month of dieting, the sisters head back to Atlanta for a check in with Dr. Procter. The results force Amy to make a difficult decision.


Pop Ups: A Lipoma Is Born

Dr. Pimple Popper: Pop Ups - Season 2

All new juicy pop-up facts and secrets are revealed! Barb seeks help for a heart-shaped lump on her back, and Hilda has bumps all over her eyes.


Stairway To Heaven

Love After Lockup - Season 4

51-year-old Scott prepares for his 27-year-old girlfriend to be released from prison. Jessica's family question her decision to marry convict Maurice.


Bad At Being Good

Love After Lockup - Season 4

John hires a limo as he prepares a big surprise for Kristianna's release. Shavel is stunned by Quaylon's lies, while Jessica has doubts about Maurice.