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Fourth Time Lucky

Say Yes to the Dress Lancashire - Season 3

Reality star Kerry Katona is embarrassed about her fourth wedding and is bracing herself for criticism, but Gok convinces her she deserves to feel like a bride.


We Don't Always Have A Say Yes

Say Yes to the Dress - Season 19

Kleinfeld looks different but the brides are back! Dance Moms' Kendall Vertes helps her sister find a dress, and Randy gets honest with his assistant.


A Family Stuck

Sister Wives - Season 10

The Brown family is having problems communicating, and Janelle sets out to resolve things. Then, Robyn opens up to Kody about having more children.


Scared Cyst-less

Dr. Pimple Popper - Season 2

Dr. Sandra Lee treats Taylore, a young woman with unsightly elf-like bumps on her ears. Jose never goes out because of the baseball-sized lump on his head.


In the Spotlight

Say Yes to the Dress - Season 5

American Chopper swaps blowtorches for gowns when Paul Teutul Jr. accompanies his fiancée to Kleinfeld's. Can she find the right dress for her red-carpet wedding?


The First Dress Syndrome

Say Yes to the Dress - Season 6

Bride Kristy wants to look like a pirate and Bride Laura's dad is not shy from voicing his ideas. Will both find their perfect dress?


A Big Fat Proposal

My Big Fat Fabulous Life - Season 6

Whitney's love affair with Paris continues, but her relationship with Chase is on the rocks. Then, a big surprise awaits Whitney at the top of the Eiffel Tower.


Are You Ready To Play Bridal Blitz?

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Season 9

Bride Emily said yes to her fiancé after just six weeks of dating, but finding the perfect wedding dress is taking longer than expected.


Rockabilly & Motorcycles

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Season 9

Bride Jeanette wants a black dress, but her parents are hoping for something more traditional, while a custom 100-year-old dress doesn't go to plan.


Waiting For A Sign

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Season 9

Lori and Monte hit the road with a pop-up salon in tow, to surprise a very special bride who is getting married in just two days!


88 And Out The Gate

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Season 9

Lori and Monte head to Nashville to help country artist Jimmy Stanley with a surprise proposal to fellow country singer Kristen Kelly.


Momma's Holdin' Back

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Season 9

Bride Shanna's outspoken mum has no intention of making her daughter's bridal appointment easy, while Suzanne and her wedding planner differ on a bridal vision.


Gone With The Wind Fabulous

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Season 9

Raucous bride Stacy is back to find another dress to reflect her motorcycle-chic style! And bride Jessica wants a modern dress for her beach wedding.


Mother Of The Groom

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Season 9

Lori's son is getting married! Taking a back seat is anything but easy for this queen of bridal, so she enlists Monte's help to plan the perfect wedding.


It Fits, She Scores

Say Yes to the Dress - Season 11

Kristi is marrying a pro-baseball pitcher and is looking for a glamorous dress. Meanwhile, sports fan Jenna wants a dress that will knock it out of the park.


Design Intervention

Say Yes to the Dress - Season 11

Patti Ann travels from Chicago to find the perfect dress for her wedding in the Bahamas. Plus, Merav has expensive taste, but will her budget hold her back?


Always The Pageant Girl...

Say Yes to the Dress - Season 11

Ashley is desperate for a dress that puts her pageant days behind her - even if her family isn't. Plus, rodeo queen Becky wants a gown with bling.


New Dress, New Beginning

Say Yes to the Dress - Season 11

Comedian Seth Meyers surprises a delighted fan, Shealynn, an injured army vet. Plus, model Ashley wants a sexy dress that also impresses her picky father.


Bring On The Bling

Say Yes to the Dress Lancashire - Season 2

With an unlimited budget, Helen wants a blingy dress but Gok has other ideas. After her bone marrow transplant, Bethany returns for alterations to her gown.


The Zara Episode

Curvy Brides' Boutique - Season 1

Bride Zara wants to sparkle - but having never worn a dress before, she's out of her comfort zone. The pressure is on for Jo and Al to make her...


The Rosie Episode

Curvy Brides' Boutique - Season 1

Rosie worries she's gained weight and won't fit into her wedding dress. With just 4 weeks until she weds, will Jo and Al have time to make it a perfect...


The Sue Episode

Curvy Brides' Boutique - Season 1

Sue hates trying on dresses so only shops online. In her quest for a dream wedding dress, she's bought ten, but doesn't like any of them! Can Jo and Al...


The Danielle Episode

Curvy Brides' Boutique - Season 1

Danielle's medical condition causes her to be unsteady on her feet. Worried she'll trip walking down the aisle, she needs major alterations. Jo and Al step in.


A Lipoma Is Born

Dr. Pimple Popper - Season 2

Barbara's back lump became more noticeable after she lost 131 pounds. Hilda's depression is a result of the multitude of bumps on her eyelids.


Runaway Bump, Never Coming Back?

Dr. Pimple Popper - Season 2

Leonard has a bump hanging off his arm that looks like it's breaking through skin. Jess has a visible lump on her butt after falling downstairs.


The Bride Vs Mum Show

Say Yes to the Dress UK - Season 2

Tastes in dresses often differ between mother and daughter. Nikita wants to please her mum, while Holly and her mum clash over a choice about lace.


The Good The Bad & The Ugly Step Sister Show

Say Yes to the Dress UK - Season 2

Anna's brought her sister to help but that might just be her downfall! She has a lot of opinions and none of them are good... or kind.



Sisters and Frothers

Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids - Season 3

Bride Maria and her sister disagree about the bridesmaids wearing a form-fitting dress, while Lindsey is waging her own battle with her mum over necklines.


Size Matters...

Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids - Season 3

A husband-hunting bridesmaid threatens to leave if she can't wear a sexy dress, while another maid's body issues are brought to light against the "skinny maids."



Say Yes to the Dress: The Big Day - Season 1

Kelly made a lasting impression with her big personality and her confidence when she came to Kleinfeld to find her dream dress. She is now busy planning her big day.


My Giant Nose Is Killing Me

Dr. Pimple Popper - Season 3

Roger has huge growths on his nose that drip pus, attract flies and make breathing difficult. Plus, two sisters share many undiagnosed face bumps.



Embarrassing Bodies - Season 4

The doctors are in Leicester with their mobile clinic. Dr Dawn helps a five-year-old boy with an enlarged tongue and Dr Pixie helps a man who has had boils for...


Battle with Chaos

Hoarding: Buried Alive - Season 2

Debbie's OCD drives her to hoarding. Jeff doesn't believe he's a hoarder at all, but his kids think otherwise.


Lauana and Tim

My Extreme Excess Skin - Season 1

After losing 170lbs, Lauana's tiny frame is swamped by excess skin, and Tim's skin gets in the way being a father. Both are given full body transformation surgery.