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Choosing Kids Over Kody

Sister Wives - Season 10

Janelle's kids blow up and call Kody's COVID rules "stupid." Later, Kody tries to persuade some of his wives to stay in town and follow his rules.


Two Cliques

Sister Wives - Season 10

A look at the polygamist lifestyle of Kody Brown, his four wives and their combined 18 children as they attempt to navigate life as a 'normal' family in Utah.


I Wanna Be A Pirate

Welcome to Plathville - Season 3

Ethan and Olivia go camping with Micah and Moriah, but navigating their marital issues makes it awkward. Lydia struggles to stop texting her special friend.


Top 10 Most Outrageous Bridal Requests

Say Yes to the Dress: Randy Knows Best - Season 1

Randy looks back at larger-than-life brides, their outlandish dresses and how the salon dealt with over the top demands.


Top 10 Momma Dramas

Say Yes to the Dress: Randy Knows Best - Season 2

Every girl wants her mum there when she picks the dress of her dreams, but sometimes a loving mum preparing for the big day can become a mumzilla.


Tiaras And Tribulations

Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids - Season 3

Lori returns to the shop and helps bride Jodian, whose sister is demanding to wear a tiara at the wedding. Across the salon, Bride Lindsay has some busty maids.


Orange Appeal

Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids - Season 3

One bride faces a power struggle when her bossy older sister teams up with her fiancé in favour of bridesmaids dresses in college colours she can't stand.


Stuck On Style

Say Yes to the Dress UK - Season 2

Jennifer craves a high-neck Victorian style, but her wedding is three weeks away. Can David help? Giovanna wants a modern look, but her mum is fiercely traditional!


The Over The Top Show

Say Yes to the Dress UK - Season 2

Bride Alex wants drama - and colour - and has an unlimited budget! Will she go for a red number for her wedding in South Africa? David helps her decide.


The Only Way Is Fishtail Show

Say Yes to the Dress UK - Season 2

For some brides, fishtail is the only way! Kacie loves a fishtail-style, but then David suggests a ball gown. And Sherrill is torn between two frocks!


Bridal Besties

Say Yes to the Dress UK - Season 2

After failing to find the perfect mermaid gown, Jodie is open to new silhouettes, but is her entourage? Katrina wants a backless frock, but her crew has other plans.


I Do Again

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Season 5

Tracy is on the hunt for a fun, flirty gown for her upcoming Vegas wedding. Meanwhile, second time bride Isabel selects a dress without her daughters' approval.


Princess Brides Beware

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Season 5

Small-town bride Lindsay has big, princess dreams for her wedding dress. Plus, bride Bailey has simple tastes, but her bling-loving mum is on sparkle patrol.


No to the Bow

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Season 5

Kayla plans to take charge when shopping for her wedding gown. When a sleek dress fails to get her mum's approval, Kayla succumbs to mum's suggestion of a ball gown.


Hope on a Hanger

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Season 5

Meredith wants a dream dress to carry her through her upcoming cancer treatments. Kelly's mum and mother-in-law have differing opinions for Kelly's big day.


Tulle Vs. Ta-Ta's

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Season 5

Summer falls in love with an expensive dress and her mum puts her foot down. Plus, NFL cheerleader Brooke is anxious to find a dress to show off her assets.


Team Spirit

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Season 5

Mallory wants a dress out of her comfort zone, but her entourage disagrees. Meanwhile, after 25 years of marriage Lorie wants to dress to renew her vows in.


Launching A New Marriage

Say Yes to the Dress - Season 16

Cat and her fiancée Nicole both need dresses for their beach wedding. The challenge is to find two different gowns, that are still complementary.


There's A Shark In The Salon!

Say Yes to the Dress - Season 16

It's sink or swim for Randy when reality star Barbara Corcoran comes in. Bridgette needs a dress to say yes in and then run in a Vegas half-marathon!


Dreams In Tatters

Say Yes to the Dress Lancashire - Season 3

Sammi's confidence is at rock-bottom and looking in the mirror fills her with dread. Hollie is bracing herself for an appointment with her opinionated mum.


The Nikita L Episode

Curvy Brides' Boutique - Season 4

Nikita's dad has terminal cancer and fears he may not make her wedding in Cyprus. Having overcome mental illness, Lauren now seeks her dream wedding dress.


The Rochelle A Episode

Curvy Brides' Boutique - Season 4

Rochelle won't let her Tourette's stop her finding a unique red wedding dress. Having found love later in life, Helen fears being an older bride.


Romancing The Lump

Dr. Pimple Popper - Season 2

Dr. Sandra Lee treats Heather, who has a huge growth on her leg and fears removing it could leave a keloid scar. And, Paul has a giant hump on his...


Hips Don't Lie

Dr. Pimple Popper - Season 2

Rhonda has bumps all over her head, including a worrying horned growth. And, Dr. Lee treats Kevin, who has a huge lump protruding from his hip.


The Beat The Dress Show

Say Yes to the Dress UK - Season 3

The clock is ticking for bride Amy, who has just one month to find a new gown. And, Rachel must win gran's approval for her dress, as she's buying it!


The Sister Show

Say Yes to the Dress UK - Season 3

Fussy bride Cecily is hoping her older sister Ellie can help her find her dream dress. Plus, Jodie bought a slim-fitted gown a year ago and now she's pregnant!



Jarring Politics

Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids - Season 4

Bride Angie dreams of a country wedding. But her sister Carolina wants her bridesmaid dress to have lots of sparkles and is fighting Angie's more casual vision.


Singled Out

Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids - Season 4

Bride Cortney's maid of honour turns into a monster after she is singled out as the only unmarried maid. When tension heightens even more, can Cortney save the day?


America: Red, White And Randy

Say Yes To The Dress America - Season 1

Randy is in Washington, DC to surprise Jackie with a VIP invitation to Kleinfeld for her dress and to represent her state in an epic wedding in NYC!


John And Lonnie's Story

My 600-lb Life - Season 8

Estranged brothers John and Lonnie are complete opposites. Now, they're united by their need to lose weight while they still can - and save their relationship.


Leading a Double Life

Hoarding: Buried Alive - Season 5

What's it like to live next to a hoarder? Lalie suffers from a mice infestation because her neighbour has secretly acquired one of the shows biggest hoards.


Pump and Go

Sex Sent Me to the ER - Season 2

A trucker's gas station game goes awry causing a road trip to the ER, and lovebirds get busy while mudding and have to face the consequences of their deed.