About The Show

The Plaths are a blonde, blue-eyed family of eleven in south-eastern Georgia. They share a passion for music, religion, family life and traditional roles.


Episode 7

Eyes Down!

Micah celebrates a wild 21st birthday at a strip club with Ethan and Olivia. Meanwhile, Moriah confronts Lydia about her recent meet ups with Max.

Episode 8

I Feel Like A Cow

Barry reaches out to Ethan with shocking news. Kim feels excluded from an important family discussion, and Moriah and Olivia decide to try pole dancing!

Episode 9

You Have A Lot Of Nerve

Kim and Micah share first-ever cocktails together, and Kim reveals the reasoning behind her parenting choices. Plus, Ethan keeps new secrets from Olivia.

Episode 10

I Wasn't Invited

Micah bartends at his friend's art show, where things heat up with Antia. Meanwhile, most of the family reunites with Barry in Cairo, but Kim is excluded.

Episode 11

I'm Done Choosing

The Plath children all gather at their farm to celebrate the birthday of their deceased brother. Everyone but Kim is invited, making her feel left out yet again.