Episode 1

A Family Divided

The Plath family has had some big changes. They left the farm and moved into town, Micah and Moriah fled the nest, and Ethan and Olivia cut ties with Kim...

Episode 2

My Mystery Man

Micah reunites with model-friend Helena for a hot and steamy modelling session. Lydia reveals she has a secret crush, and Moriah goes on her first date ever.

Episode 3

You Can't Stop The Girl

Ethan is speechless after Olivia gets a body piercing. Meanwhile, Kim, Barry and the kids head back to the farm to welcome visitors from down under.

Episode 4

Open To Falling In Love

Ethan and Olivia consider moving farther away to save their marriage, while Moriah and Max's relationship is in jeopardy. And, Micah faces financial stress.

Episode 5

Friend Or Boyfriend

Moriah introduces Max to her family. Meanwhile, Ethan and Olivia continue to mend their marriage, and Olivia hears some disappointing news.