Episode 1


The Plath family is fractured into three different households. Moriah and Micah move toward reconciliation with their parents as Ethan and Olivia push Barry and Kim away.

Episode 2

A Runaway Freight Train

Lydia and Ethan reconnect for the first time in months, and Max fears Ethan and Olivia don't approve of him. Plus, Lydia opens up about her crush to Kim.

Episode 3

Her Little Power Move

Ethan stands firm about his mum coming onto his property. Moriah and Olivia talk babies, birth control and boys. And, the family has a surprise for Micah.

Episode 4

I'm Gonna Lose My Mind

Olivia and Micah do a sexy photo shoot. Plus, Lydia tries to practice self-control when it comes to communication with her crush.

Episode 5

You Were The One That Changed

Max and Lydia go on a secret mission and Moriah faces a tough choice for her band. Plus, Ethan and Olivia reach a critical point in their relationship.

Episode 6

Is This A Date?

Olivia's therapy session leaves her contemplating some major changes with Ethan. Meanwhile, Moriah and Max debate over her revealing outfits.

Episode 7

If You Got It, Flaunt It

Olivia goes on a girls' trip with Helena and Moriah. Sparks fly as Micah goes on a date, and Ethan takes extreme measures to cope with Olivia's absence.

Episode 8

A Tiny Pair Of Shorts

Ethan returns from his mysterious road trip and shares important news. Micah gets a wakeup call from his agent and Moriah struggles to be honest with Kim.

Episode 9

Your Only First Concert

Ethan and Olivia take steps to reconcile their marriage. Barry and Kim learn that they aren't invited to Moriah's gig, and Kim is forced to make a choice.

Episode 10

Wanna Get A Room?

Moriah, Micah and Olivia face performing on stage amidst family drama, and Ethan takes action. Plus, Max surprises Moriah with a special gift.

Episode 11

I Wanna Be A Pirate

Ethan and Olivia go camping with Micah and Moriah, but navigating their marital issues makes it awkward. Lydia struggles to stop texting her special friend.

Episode 12

I Want To Talk To Your Parents

Lydia graduates high school. And, as Micah, Moriah, Ethan, Olivia and Max decide it's time to leave Cairo, Olivia has one last thing to do.