Episode 1

Meet The Martones

Top nail artist Lexi Martone and her sister Bria, a hair colourist/makeup artist, run Salon Martone while juggling family, clients, and their own relationships!

Episode 2

All That Glitters

Bria's engagement dreams with Matthew turn into a nightmare at her party. Later, she collaborates with Lexi on major client's unique request for a music video.

Episode 3

Through Thick And Thin

An upcoming surgery brings the family together during a time of turmoil. Plus, one of Lexi's clients has an unusual request for a portrait of her dead pet.

Episode 4

The Ugly Truth

The Martone ladies go wedding dress shopping for Bria. At the salon, a client who wants to be turned into an alien goddess. Lexi admits her issues with Bria's fiance.

Episode 5

All Shook Up

Lexi finally admits what's been bothering her about Matt, and a divide forms in the family. Lexi throws herself into work with a 3-D nail build that tests her skills.

Episode 6

Come Home To Daddy

Lexi's creativity is pushed to the max for her latest client's nails, but technology issues threaten her experiment. Plus, Bria and Matt arrive in Vegas to elope.