Episode 1

Kids Having Kids

A pregnant Jenna wants a car for her birthday, and Myrka's mum kicked her out for getting pregnant. Tyra leaves Alex and Layla at home as she heads to college.

Episode 1

Baby Bumps

Myrka and Ethan go shopping, while Alex and Tyra take Layla out for a playdate. Jenna and Aden make pizzas. Plus, Lilly and Lawrence head to a pool party.

Episode 2

Worst Birthday Ever

Jenna wanted one thing for her birthday: a car. Tyra receives devastating news, while Taron and Reanna accuse each other of cheating weeks before she is due.

Episode 3

Gender Reveal Invitation

Jessica fears Reanna may be going into early labour. Tyra is livid Julie's online boyfriend has moved in. Myrka invites her mum to her gender reveal party.

Episode 4

Catching Up With Hailey 1

Tiarra hears the Matthew drama when she gets together with Hailey 1. Plus, Taron threatens to take Reanna to court to see his baby.

Episode 5

Your Mom On Social Media

Myrka and Liliana have a fight over social media. Jenna gives her parents an ultimatum, and Tyra gets stuck in a storm on the way to see Alex and Layla.

Episode 6

C-Section in Jeopardy

Myrka attends her last sonogram appointment alone due to COVID-19. Reanna's planned C-section may be in jeopardy and Lilly is pregnant with her second child.

Episode 7

The Circumcision Conversation

Reanna gives birth during a pandemic. Jenna and Aden fight over the baby shower, while Lilly and Lawrence have an awkward family dinner conversation.

Episode 8

Bitchy Teenage Girl

At the hospital, Myrka's contractions get worse. Reanna doesn't want to get back together with Taron, and Jenna's mum causes a scene at her baby shower.

Episode 9

First Birthday Failure

Reanna struggles with postpartum depression and the pressure of caring for a newborn. Meanwhile, Layla's birthday party turns sour for Tyra and Alex.

Episode 10

38-Year-Old Grandmother

Lawrence asks Lilly's parents for permission to marry her. Aden is late for Jenna's final doctor's appointment. Plus, Tyra admits that Alex is cheating.

Episode 11

The Foley Bulb

Lilly and Lawrence take a vacation before the baby comes. Meanwhile, Tyra hopes that moving back in with Alex and Layla will mend their relationship troubles.

Episode 12

Not Ready For Another Baby

Myrka struggles with breastfeeding and Julie reveals some shocking news. Meanwhile, Lilly and Lawrence announce their engagement to their families.

Episode 13

This Damn Car Seat

Lawrence feels the pressure as Lilly nears her due date. Liliana meets baby Attalie for the first time, but her criticism of Myrka goes too far.

Episode 14

Grandma Fail

Jenna and Aden introduce their family to baby Luca. Myrka fears her stable home with Ethan's family is crumbling, and Lilly and Lawrence worry for their baby's life.

Episode 15

He Wasn't Breathing

Lilly and Lawrence bring their new baby home. Michelle shares devastating news with Ethan and Myrka. Plus, Tyra and Alex part ways.

Episode 16

Tell All Part 1

The teen mums discuss babies and boyfriends, giving updates on their lives! Tensions are high as Myrka and Ethan confront Michelle for kicking them out.

Episode 17

Tell All Part 2

The teen dads get real with their girlfriends' mums, and Jenna's parents' confrontation reveals toxic truths. The teen mums show how their babies have grown!