About The Show

Designing duo Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent help moving families get a fresh start. They help them let go of what they no longer need before renovating the property.


Episode 1

The Make Mom Proud Project

Nate and Jeremiah update a house for two sisters who inherited their childhood home. They help them decide what to upcycle and what to let go.

Episode 2

The Make Room to Grow Project

Nate and Jeremiah rework the layout in an old Victorian, so a young family has room to grow. They create a bedroom suite and kids' spaces.

Episode 3

The Feels Like Home Project

A pair of first-time homeowners traded in their tiny rental for a roomier home, but they lack storage space. Nate and Jeremiah help transform it.

Episode 4

The Gift of Home Project

A man bought his mother a home to thank her for her help, but her charming 1920s property needs an update. Nate and Jeremiah create a show-stopping kitchen.

Episode 5

Every Dollar Counts Project

A couple fell for the original charm of a crumbly 1920s Colonial. They need Nate and Jeremiah's help to make it functional for their family.

Episode 6

The Two-Year Dream Project

A couple's home renovation dreams were put on hold for two years after a cancer diagnosis. Now, they're ready to finally complete the project.