Episode 1

All's Fair In Love And War

The family confront Pedro after they hear about the trip to the Dominican Republic. Plus, Pedro and Nicole discuss a big secret they've kept from Chantel.

Episode 2

How To Come To America

After a family counselling session, old feuds are reignited. Plus, Jah reveals a secret to Winter and Chantel confronts Pedro after discovering shocking news!

Episode 3

The Truth Comes Out

Chantel and Karen decide to hire a private investigator to look into Winter's secretive boyfriend, Jah. Plus, Pedro joins Thomas and River on a boys' weekend.

Episode 4

It's All Crashing Down

The private investigator discovers shocking news about Jah, so they decide to confront him. Pedro, Thomas and River are forced to face their issues head on.

Episode 5

Pack Your Bags

Pedro's sister reveals their grandma is sick and he must visit her. When Karen hears Chantel is going too, she invites the family - but a shocking secret awaits.

Episode 6

The Fight To Get Along

Chantel's family joins Pedro and Chantel in the Dominican Republic. Trying to save their marriage, they get their families together, but it turns explosive.

Episode 7

The Last Supper

After a tense exchange, Chantel and Pedro plan to unite their feuding families. Chantel confronts Pedro's mum and Pedro faces off with Obed to get the truth.

Episode 8

What Are Your Intentions?

Chantel's family make a surprising decision about visiting Pedro's family. And when Chantel confronts Coraima, insults aren't the only things being thrown.