About The Show

Dr. Emma Craythorne and her team of experts are on a mission to solve complex skin conditions. They help people whose lives have been impeded by devastating disorders.


Episode 1

Episode 1

Rae comes to see Dr Emma with a large, very strange and uncomfortable growth just above his buttocks. And, Vicki has a big lump that keeps growing.

Episode 2

Najib Antony Annmarie And Sam

Emma treats patient Antony, who has huge growths on his ears. Plus, Sam's confidence took a huge dip when a lump grew in the middle of her forehead.

Episode 3

Becky Alan Bernadette And Leon

Becky has horrific volcano-like itchy welts all over her body. And 80-year-old Alan is desperate to get rid of a massive lump caused by a camel bite.

Episode 4

Caroline Antony Cerys And Dan

Caroline suffers with excessive hair growth all over her face. And, strange lumps on Antony's testicles have prevented him from having a relationship.

Episode 5

Episode 5

Dr Emma helps Aldrin, a father who suffers from a condition that leaves him in constant pain. Plus, Peggy's large lipoma has dented her confidence.

Episode 6

Episode 6

Starla has developed a large growth on her tummy that is causing her pain. And, 3-year-old Clay has a horrendous fungal infection all over his fingers.