About The Show

In a brand new concept, brides must choose between a borrowed and reworked wedding dress or a brand-new gown. With designer Kelly Nishimoto and stylist Sam Saboura.


Episode 1

Tall Order Bride

Bridget is six-feet tall and her Mum has firm views on modesty. The family dress was worn by Bridget's mum and grandma, so there's pressure to keep tradition alive.

Episode 2

Can You Drop It Like It's Hot?

Terron knows what she wants: a royal wedding and a body-hugging gown to match. Her mum's dress doesn't fill the bill, so something has to give.

Episode 3

Daddy's Girl

Sarah is a self-proclaimed Daddy's girl, who actually wants to wear her grandma's dress. However, the 1942 wedding gown is falling apart. Can Kelly save the day?

Episode 4

Best Stressed Bride

With a wedding six weeks away, time's ticking for Ansley. She's dreamt of wearing mum and grandma's gown, but it doesn't feel as magical as she remembered.

Episode 5

If the Gown Fits...

Curvy bride Audrey is planning a Candyland wedding. Her Mum's 80's gown doesn't instil much confidence, but can she find a dress that reveals her inner bombshell?

Episode 6

The 007 Bride

Krystal is planning a 007-themed wedding on a yacht. She wants a knockout gown to match her flashy theme and venue, but her mum wants her to go for a...

Episode 7

The Young and Dress-less

Young Hayden is marrying her high school sweetheart and wants a fitted dress with sleeves, but her mom hopes her 1992 puffy-sleeved gown fits the bill.

Episode 8

This Bride Was Made For Dancing

Krista and her fiancé are professional dancers who met working at a Bar Mitzvah. Now they are engaged and planning a Hawaiian destination wedding.

Episode 9

The Blinged-Out Jersey Bride

Jersey bride Nikki is planning a big Italian wedding and wants a skin-tight, crystal covered dress, but Mom thinks her own 80's gown is the best choice.

Episode 10

That Wow Factor!

Katie loves mom's dress for her Valentine's Day wedding, but the gown itself isn't what she ever envisioned. Kelly is determined to make Katie's dream a reality.

Episode 11

I Feel Like a Ghost Bride!

Heather and her fiancé Paul are getting married in Hawaii. Although they met at a dinner party, Heather brought her best friend along on their first date.

Episode 12

Whose Sari Now

Bride Sharon is marrying her Indian fiancé, Vijay. Eager to please him and his family, she's hoping an Indian-fusion dress may win them over.

Episode 13

Maybe I Won't Pay for the Wedding!

Doctor Erika is a bride who isn't typically emotional when making decisions. Her Mom is adamant on her wearing her 1970's gown.

Episode 14

This Dress Kicks Your Dress to the Curb!

Karina is a working mom of two who hasn't had time to plan her forthcoming wedding. She's got the venue and the fiancé. And that's it.