About The Show

The bond between mothers and daughters is something special, but it can go too far for some. This is the world of extreme and overly-dependent mother-daughter pairs.


Episode 1

What Mom Wants, Mom Gets

Sunhe tries to reconnect with Angelica by crashing her date with Jason. Kathy and Cristina plan to convince Carlo they should all move in together.

Episode 2

If Mom Can Do It, I Can Too

Cher and Dawn tell Jared about Cher's new natural birth plan. Mary takes Brittani to get a colonic. Sunhe invites herself to Jason's divorce proceeding.

Episode 3

Date Night For Three

Cher goes into labour. Brittani breaks down over her boy troubles before her big graduation party. Sunhe's interrogations reveal more of Jason's secrets.

Episode 4

My Gift To You

Cher and Dawn are officially triplets after the baby's arrival! And, Mary's shocking graduation gift to Brittani turns heads at her graduation party.

Episode 5

The Truth Hurts

Sunhe and Angelica help Jason sort his ex's belongings. Carly discovers Cristina and her family are moving in. Mary makes a dinner with Brittani uncomfortable.

Episode 6

Drive You Crazy

Dawn is hurt when Cher hires a lactation specialist to help her. Plus, Mary and Frank's marriage continues to unravel and Angelica and Sunhe double date.

Episode 7

The Secret Is Out

Cher and Jared believe that Dawn is outstaying her welcome. After going on a date, Brittani reveals a secret to Mary and Sarah and Laurie have a scare.

Episode 8

She's My World

Cher and Jared confront Dawn about going home and Cristina and Kathy get bikini waxes. Plus, Mary asks Frank to help her and Brittani after their upcoming surgeries.

Episode 9

Always Watching You

Mary and Brittani get plastic surgery together. Sarah finds a unique way to keep track of her mum. Plus, Angelica and Sunhe get news about Sunhe's health.