About The Show

The bond between mothers and daughters is something special, but it can go too far for some. This is the world of extreme and overly-dependent mother-daughter pairs.


Episode 1

We Are One

Mum Francia and daughter Paula love to cook naked together. Plus, Angie teaches her newly transitioned daughter, Shay, to shave her legs.

Episode 2

Sunhe Has Got To Go

Jason's father visits and gives Sunhe a piece of his mind. Kathy goes ballistic when Carlo blurts out Cristina's secret. Paula crashes her mum's date.

Episode 3

The Other Mother

Paula and Francia make up with a sensual massage. Dawn and Cher go pole dancing, and Laura Leigh puts her foot down with Lisa about her unborn child.

Episode 4

Let's Talk About Sex

Cathy and Ashley take racy photos together to find men. Kathy throws Cristina a sex intervention with family friends, and Laura Leigh drops big news.

Episode 5

In The Deep End

Ashley and Samantha's sibling rivalry spills over onto their daughters. Plus, Dawn gets into trouble after facing off against Jared's stepmum.

Episode 6

It's A Whole Mom Mood

Jared's stepmum gloats after pushing an overbearing Dawn in the pool. Meanwhile, a meddling Kathy starts big trouble between Cristina and Carlo.

Episode 7

Adult Entertainment

Angie forces Shay to weigh herself. Plus, Lisa's bossiness over the baby shower plans pushes Laura Leigh to bring her own entertainment.

Episode 8

The Hard Truth

Lisa stays by Lauren's side during labour, much to Laura Leigh's dismay. Cher keeps a big secret from Dawn, and Sunhe gives Jason a serious ultimatum.

Episode 9

Little White Lie

Cathy must choose between Ashley and Samantha. Cher's big secret leaves Dawn reeling, and Paula flaunts her ex-boyfriend to make Francia jealous.