Episode 1

Being Strong Or Being A Bitch

Janelle gathers Kody and the wives to discuss their increasingly tense family dynamic. Robyn and Christine open up about their own insecurities.

Episode 2

Felons No More

The Browns visit their friends to discuss the possibility that polygamy might be decriminalized in Utah. Could the family relocate back to Utah?

Episode 3

Robyn The Peacemaker

Mariah and Audrey are in town and share an exciting announcement. Plus, Robyn tries to help Kody and Meri patch things up after their big fight.

Episode 4

The Basement Wife

Robyn questions why Christine said the family "hates" her. Mariah and Audrey look at wedding venues. Then, COVID-19 fears sweep the US.

Episode 5

Polygamists In A Pandemic

Kody and the wives struggle to adapt to the pandemic as a polygamous family. Robyn fears for her children's health, and Janelle tells Kody to stay away.

Episode 6

Different Wives, Different Rules

Utah has decriminalised polygamy, and Christine considers moving back. As Arizona goes into lockdown, Janelle tells Kody to stop coming over.

Episode 7

Birthday Breakdown

It's the month of birthdays, but COVID-19 has disrupted celebrations. With Kody and Meri not communicating, he learns Mariah and Audrey have gone to run the B&B.

Episode 8

Can I Light You Up?

It's Kody and Meri's 30th anniversary, and Kody shows no interest in rekindling a romance. And, the larger family conflict over COVID-19 rules.

Episode 9

A Family Stuck

The Brown family is having problems communicating, and Janelle sets out to resolve things. Then, Robyn opens up to Kody about having more children.