About The Show

A look at the polygamist lifestyle of Kody Brown, his four wives and their combined 18 children as they attempt to navigate life as a ‘normal’ family in Utah.


Episode 1

It's Over

Janelle tests positive for COVID-19. Kody and Christine have a tense discussion about the future of their marriage, leaving Christine feeling empowered and Kody defeated.

Episode 2

Is There A Favorite Wife?

While Janelle's household fights through COVID-19, Ysabel has exciting news about her future. Kody struggles when Christine reveals her plans to move away.

Episode 3

The Labors Of Life

Janelle challenges Kody about getting things back to normal. Christine travels to be with Mykelti as she gives birth, and Meri suffers a devastating loss.

Episode 4

And Then There Were Three

Janelle makes a major decision about her living situation without telling Kody. Christine gathers her sister wives to reveal that she's divorcing Kody.

Episode 5

The Last Family Gathering

Meri feels hurt when Kody suggests she run the bed and breakfast full time. Then, the family has a bittersweet reunion for Ysabel's graduation party.

Episode 6

Telling Truely

As Ysabel packs up for college, Gwendlyn opens up about her sexuality. Christine reveals her moving timeline and tells Truely about the divorce.

Episode 7

The Failed Priest

Kody feels conflicted officiating a wedding while going through a divorce. Plus, Christine and Janelle are floored as Kody breaks COVID protocols.

Episode 8

Hang On With Me

Kody deals with the divorce fallout as Christine prepares to leave. Meri and Robyn have a heart-to-heart about the future of the family, and Ysabel goes to college.

Episode 9

A Polygamist Divorce

Christine shares that her house is under contract and she's moving in a week. Then, Kody reveals that he no longer considers himself married to Meri.

Episode 10

The Knife In The Kidneys

A big announcement causes chaos and Robyn questions her future relationship with Christine. Meanwhile, Janelle's RV lifestyle hits another obstacle.

Episode 11

The Worst Goodbye

Janelle frustrates Kody with another change to her living situation. Plus, Mykelti urges the family to get together for one last awkward goodbye.

Episode 12

Life After Polygamy

Christine and Kody have a final battle about a snowblower. When Christine's house sale falls through, Kody wants Janelle to buy it, much to her dismay.

Episode 13


As problems with Kody and Janelle's marriage bubble to the surface, Kody and Robyn both get COVID-19 - and things get serious with a trip to the hospital.

Episode 14

Which Wife Is Next?

While Christine settles into her new life, the remaining wives and Kody have another tense conversation. Janelle and Kody reach a breaking point.

Episode 15

One On One: Part 1

The Brown family sits down individually to discuss the past year's challenges. Plus, Kody and Christine give insight about their separation.

Episode 16

One On One: Part 2

As the sit-down interviews continue, the Browns reveal difficulties that go back decades, including a short time where Janelle left the family.

Episode 17

One On One: Part 3

In the final one-on-one interview, Kody is confronted on whether he has a "favourite wife." Then, Kody and Janelle discuss the conflict over holidays.