About The Show

A look at the polygamist lifestyle of Kody Brown, his four wives and their combined 18 children as they attempt to navigate life as a ‘normal’ family in Utah.


Episode 1

It's Over

Janelle tests positive for COVID-19. Kody and Christine have a tense discussion about the future of their marriage, leaving Christine feeling empowered and Kody defeated.

Episode 2

Is There A Favorite Wife?

While Janelle's household fights through COVID-19, Ysabel has exciting news about her future. Kody struggles when Christine reveals her plans to move away.

Episode 3

The Labors Of Life

Janelle challenges Kody about getting things back to normal. Christine travels to be with Mykelti as she gives birth, and Meri suffers a devastating loss.

Episode 4

And Then There Were Three

Janelle makes a major decision about her living situation without telling Kody. Christine gathers her sister wives to reveal that she's divorcing Kody.

Episode 5

The Last Family Gathering

Meri feels hurt when Kody suggests she run the bed and breakfast full time. Then, the family has a bittersweet reunion for Ysabel's graduation party.

Episode 6

Telling Truely

As Ysabel packs up for college, Gwendlyn opens up about her sexuality. Christine reveals her moving timeline and tells Truely about the divorce.

Episode 7

The Failed Priest

Kody feels conflicted officiating a wedding while going through a divorce. Plus, Christine and Janelle are floored as Kody breaks COVID protocols.

Episode 8

Hang On With Me

Kody deals with the divorce fallout as Christine prepares to leave. Meri and Robyn have a heart-to-heart about the future of the family, and Ysabel goes to college.

Episode 9

A Polygamist Divorce

Christine shares that her house is under contract and she's moving in a week. Then, Kody reveals that he no longer considers himself married to Meri.

Episode 10

The Knife In The Kidneys

A big announcement causes chaos and Robyn questions her future relationship with Christine. Meanwhile, Janelle's RV lifestyle hits another obstacle.