Episode 1

Being Strong Or Being A Bitch

Janelle gathers Kody and the wives to discuss their increasingly tense family dynamic. Robyn and Christine open up about their own insecurities.

Episode 2

Felons No More

The Browns visit their friends to discuss the possibility that polygamy might be decriminalized in Utah. Could the family relocate back to Utah?

Episode 3

Robyn The Peacemaker

Mariah and Audrey are in town and share an exciting announcement. Plus, Robyn tries to help Kody and Meri patch things up after their big fight.

Episode 4

The Basement Wife

Robyn questions why Christine said the family "hates" her. Mariah and Audrey look at wedding venues. Then, COVID-19 fears sweep the US.

Episode 5

Polygamists In A Pandemic

Kody and the wives struggle to adapt to the pandemic as a polygamous family. Robyn fears for her children's health, and Janelle tells Kody to stay away.

Episode 6

Different Wives, Different Rules

Utah has decriminalised polygamy, and Christine considers moving back. As Arizona goes into lockdown, Janelle tells Kody to stop coming over.

Episode 7

Birthday Breakdown

It's the month of birthdays, but COVID-19 has disrupted celebrations. With Kody and Meri not communicating, he learns Mariah and Audrey have gone to run the B&B.

Episode 8

Can I Light You Up?

It's Kody and Meri's 30th anniversary, and Kody shows no interest in rekindling a romance. And, the larger family conflict over COVID-19 rules.

Episode 9

A Family Stuck

The Brown family is having problems communicating, and Janelle sets out to resolve things. Then, Robyn opens up to Kody about having more children.

Episode 10

Polygamy Hell

The wives take sides as conflict grows over Kody's COVID-19 rules. Plus, Christine makes a shocking confession that could impact the entire family.

Episode 11

Everything's Upside Down

The pandemic is pulling the Brown family apart! Christine suggests moving back to Utah, which ends in tears as she questions her marriage to Kody.