About The Show

Plural dating is complicated – more people, more problems! Three families are seeking, dating or transitioning a new sister wife into their lives.


Episode 1

It's Time To Start Seeking Again!

The Snowdens and the Alldredges court a new sister wife! The Winders live plural marriage in secret and the McGees seek their first sister wife.

Episode 2

Failure To Launch

Vanessa experiences life as a Snowden. The Winders go out in public as a trio for the first time. Will the Alldredge's potential sister wife show up on their date?

Episode 3

Episode 3

The Alldredges' potential sister wife throws their courtship off course. Dimitri and Vanessa spar on their solo date. The McGees start seeking a sister wife.

Episode 4

Unforeseen Circumstances

Jeff tells his wives shocking news. The McGees video chat with a potential sister wife for the first time. Tensions arise when Sophie's family visits.

Episode 5

Thou Shall Not Sext

Ashley and Dimitri prepare to take a big step with Vanessa. The Winders launch their online dating profile. The McGees set rules before meeting a potential wife.

Episode 6

The Waiting Game...

The Snowdens move into their new home in LA, and the Alldredges have exciting news for the kids. Meanwhile, the Winders struggle to find people to date.

Episode 7

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

Vanessa and her sister clash over her choice to join a polygamist lifestyle. The Alldredges prepare for Jennifer's visit until Jeff gets a weird text.

Episode 8

Don't Go Breaking My Heart

Paige's jealousy rages when Bernie and Brandy go on their first date and Jeff gets shocking news. Plus, can the Snowdens win over Vanessa's twin?

Episode 9

It's Getting Steamy Up In Here!

The Alldredges are shocked by Jennifer's behaviour. Paige questions if she wants this lifestyle and Dimitri prepares to be intimate with Vanessa.

Episode 10

One Wedding And A Funeral?

The Snowdens look to the future after Dimitri and Vanessa become intimate, but Ashley has some surprising news. Plus, the Winders discuss their future.

Episode 11

The Snowdens Say "We Do!"

Ashley and Dimitri are just days from marrying Vanessa, but when their three families with their big personalities get together, everything could go wrong.

Episode 12

Tell All

All four polygamist families from the series meet for the very first time. From trust to jealousy, they take a deep dive into the juiciest moments.