Episode 1

Suitably Sozzled

Cervena has 48 hours to find a dress for her second wedding. Ella met her groom on a drunken night and now wants a luxe wedding - will her entourage...

Episode 2

You've Dressed A Princess, Now You're Two Queens!

Gary and Carl are having fab drag wedding. Can David find a dress fit for each queen with just one day to spare?

Episode 3

Say Yes To Everything

Amy is having an Elvis wedding to get out of her comfort zone, but will she say yes to everything? Natalie seeks a frock to match fiancée Liza's baroque suit.

Episode 4

Every Bride Wants To Make An Entrance

Samantha needs David's help to find a gown to cover a few unwanted chest tattoos. Picky Jenny wants a sexy dress fit for a nightclub reception.

Episode 5

No Plain Jane Here

Amy and Nathaniel are getting wed in a theatrical Vegas venue, so David looks for show-stopping outfits. And, bride Mary Jane is having a very macho hen party!