About The Show

Twins Marlo and Margo visit the salon but a major secret threatens to sabotage the fitting. Plus, Bride Val wants a gown fit for her icy wedding.


Episode 1

This Is Showtime

Kleinfeld's Bridal unveils its renovation. Plus, celebrity dancer Jenna Johnson needs help finding her reception dress, but her wedding is only two months away!

Episode 2

I'm The Evil Mom Here

Samantha has visited 100 different bridal stores: will Kleinfeld's have her dream dress? And, Lia has never tried on a wedding gown and is running out of time!

Episode 3

Cinderella Gone Wrong

After losing her dress in the California wildfires, Eryka looks for a new dress. Plus, Ashley has lost over 100-lb and needs Shay's help to feel sexy!

Episode 4

Mom's Not On The Guest List

Kayla wants her family's help to find a dress, but they're not invited to the wedding! Plus, Dori's mum and grandmother want her to wear their heirloom.

Episode 5

Randy Will Show You The Door

Bridal model Jessica brings her outspoken clique with her to Kleinfeld's, but Randy threatens to kick them out. Plus, Marlo returns with her frank twin.

Episode 6

Crazy Uncle Randy

Randy's niece Danielle looks for a gown, and he surprises her with an amazing gift! Plus, bride Tracy is determined to find a black dress, but her mum disagrees.

Episode 7

200% Trouble With This Dress

Bride Samantha wants a dress with bling, but the one she wants is double her budget at $12,000. Krystina and her opinionated mum can't agree on style!

Episode 8

Fashionably Late

While Randy is in Barcelona showing his second collection, Chelsea's princess dress goes missing and bride Cheryl finds fault with every gown she sees!

Episode 9

Bedazzled Truck Driver

Bride Rebecca has lost 90-lbs and won't let her mum keep her from her dream dress. Plus-size Cassidy craves a Hayley Paige gown - can it live up to the...

Episode 10

Love At First Flight

Jumpsuit enthusiast Randell wants a wedding onesie, but Randy and Lisa can't find any! Plus, Julianna's future in-laws are afraid she'll pick the wrong dress.

Episode 11

Bride's Best Friend

Randy explores all the different ways the consultants at Kleinfeld support their brides - both emotionally and style-wise - as they choose their dress!