About The Show

Style expert Gok Wan is in the house! Sarah has tried on over 40 dresses but none have wowed. Could she be the first bride in 25 years Gok can’t dress?


Episode 1

Mums & Daughters

Danielle who has dwarfism, looks for a dress that suits her size, but also pleases her mum. Plus, Rihannon seeks reassurance from her daughter, after her mum died.

Episode 2

Budget Busters

Michaela is anxious about picking the right dress as she knows how expensive they can be. Meanwhile, can realist bride Anna and her bargain hunter mum see eye to eye?

Episode 3

Princess V. Fishtail

Nicola wants a sophisticated and fitted fishtail dress, but she also wants it to hide her colostomy bag. Plus, Meagan wants fitted, but her mum wants fluffy!

Episode 4

Overpowering Entourage

Abisola dreams of an evening gown-style dress, but her bossy entourage think differently. Gemma returns and hopes her mum will approve of her altered dress.

Episode 5

Trust In The Expert

David struggles when bride Victoria wants a vintage dress but isn't sure what that means! Lauren's dream dress turns into a nightmare, will a wildcard gown win?

Episode 6

Style Wars

Nichale always dreamed of a fishtail style, but mum is paying, and she wants a princess dress! Kayleigh returns after a massive meltdown, will she be happy with her gown?

Episode 7

Dress Dilemma

Ayesha falls in love with the first dress she tries on, but also loves the second dress as well! Plus, Nichale has another fitting and finds her dress is too...

Episode 8

Under The Influence

Kristin wants the advice of her friends to help her find the perfect gown. Problems arise when she thinks she's found the one, but her friends don't agree.

Episode 9

High Expectations

Nikki looks for a dress that will wow at her big fat Greek wedding. Stephanie is keen to show off her newly slender figure and hopes to find a fitted...

Episode 10

Sexy Vs Bridal

Sophie wants to show it all off for her wedding day but finding the line between sexy and trashy is proving tricky. Plus, Sasha is back for her first fitting.

Episode 11

Mother's Instinct

Rochelle and her mother can only agree on one thing - a dress with a mermaid style silhouette. Bride Nicole is struggling with the idea of glitz on her frock.

Episode 12

Silhouette Scuffle

Ellie has her heart set on a vintage lace fishtail dress, but her mum is angling for a ball gown. Plus, Laura finds the perfect gown with a sexy fit...

Episode 13

Tale Of Two Dresses

Lauren wants two dresses, one for the ceremony and a slinky number for the reception. Can her pragmatic entourage convince her to stick to just one dress?

Episode 14

It's Gotta Be Perfect

Perfectionist Ligia wants a flowing Grecian gown, while her mom and granny are set on a fitted silhouette. Can David find a dress that will please everyone?

Episode 15

Magpie To Sparkle

Victoria loves sparkle but doesn't want to be covered in glitter. Can David find something glitzy? Bride Zahra craves big bling, but she'll need a bigger budget!

Episode 16

Keeping It Classy

Melissa's having a big fat Greek wedding but doesn't want a typical dress! Naomi seeks a subtly sexy frock but worries what her conservative family will think.

Episode 17

First Time Shopper

Carnival queen Lera seeks a dress to suit her big personality! Sinead found a gown on her first shopping trip - will she regret her hasty buy at her fitting?

Episode 18

Body Con Bride

After gaining relationship weight, will Charlie settle for comfort over couture? Geraldine struggles to maintain her weight and is doubtful of her choice of gown.

Episode 19

People Pleaser

Deborah is after an off-the-shoulder, glamorous gown but her entourage has conflicting opinions! Plus, will Dahlia go with her mum's preference of a princess dress?

Episode 20

Bride's Way Or The Highway

Stubborn Sophie knows just what she wants - and refuses to come out in the first dress! Plus, bride Emma clashes with her friend over her dress choice!

Episode 21

Whose Wedding Is It Anyway

Bride Hattie has no idea what she's after and David's at a loss! Will they let mum choose? Lisa knows what she wants but her entourage has other ideas.

Episode 22

Third Time's A Charm

Glam gran Angela is three times lucky in love and won't compromise on her dream dress: can her entourage change that? Bride Emily wants to shine in a gold gown!

Episode 23

Opinionated Entourage

Bride Lotis knows what dress she wants: can David help her find it with her dad cutting in? Indecisive Lauren brings her opinionated friends to help her!

Episode 24

Sexy Brides

Bride Lynnike wants a "bootylicious" gown to show off her curves. And, Samantha's mum doesn't want her gown too sexy, but her bridesmaids think otherwise!

Episode 25

Family First

Ex-soldier Emma won't let her wheelchair stop her walking down the aisle. But, will her daughter like her dress choice? And, Becki plans to elope without her family.

Episode 26

Something Different

Bride Elivia wants a showstopping dress no one has seen before. And, after brain surgery Charlotte wants a fierce dress for an unconventional wedding!

Episode 27

Out Of Comfort Zone

Fashionista Katie and tomboy Yazmin are marrying each other and both looking for dresses! Jasmine is anxious to cover her cleavage - will she dare to bare?

Episode 28

Bling's The Thing

Bride Abigail and her entourage are drawn to the sparkliest gowns in the shop! But, will her budget allow for extreme bling? And, Léah seeks a quirky fitted gown.

Episode 29


Bride Alis likes fishtail frocks, but her mum is set on a princess look. Can David break the deadlock? After trying over 30 dresses Lyndsey's brought her friends for help.

Episode 30

Go With The Flowy

Bride Sonia wants a floaty dress but has too many ideas! Susanne's fallen for a flowy frock in another shop. Can David find something similar but affordable?

Episode 31

Bring On The Bling

Bride Jackie is confused about what dress she wants, all she knows is that she wants bling. Plus, Gemma returns to try on her dress, but she can't get into...

Episode 32

Crisis Of Confidence

Bride Kerri already bought one dress but now she hates it, so David has his work cut out trying to find a new one. And, Hannah thinks she's made a...

Episode 33

Glam Vs. Traditional

Grace has her heart set on a simple lace dress, but her best friend thinks she should go for slinky and sparkly. Plus, Jenny has to make a quick decision!

Episode 34

Show Off Or Cover Up

Sophie is keen to hide her bum in an A-line dress, but her entourage think she should show it off. And, new mum Claire wants to hide her mummy tummy.

Episode 35

Showing Off

Bride Lisa wants a dress that will show off her butterfly tattoo. Plus, Ashley has lost four stone and is looking for a fitted gown to emphasise her new figure.

Episode 36

Princess Brides

Amber always dreamed of being a princess on her wedding day, but her strict budget may restrict her. Tori thought she wanted a big gown, until she tries a fishtail.

Episode 37

Beat The Dress

Karlie is hoping to find an even better dress than one she found at another bridal store. Plus, Lauren hasn't seen her dress for six months, will she still like...

Episode 38

Mad About Mermaid

Yvonne is looking for a mermaid-style dress, but her mum insists on a ball gown. Plus, Natalie is back for her fitting, but she's been keeping a big secret!

Episode 39

Daddy's Girls

Michelle is looking for a sexy, fitted dress but her father wants her in a princess style. Plus, Lisa's mum and sister haven't liked any dresses so far, will her...

Episode 40

Bridal Confusion

After trying on around 70 dresses, Taylor is still confused about what to wear on her special day. Plus, Elizabeth thinks she wants a mermaid-style dress.