About The Show

Lucy is blind and Gok is on a mission to help her visualise herself in her perfect wedding dress. And, Harriet seeks a budget gown for her Vegas wedding.


Episode 1

A Dimple Dilemma

Mel is getting married in a few weeks, but she hates her wedding dress! Plus, Jo has tried on more than 200 dresses and her family desperately want her to...

Episode 2

The See-Through Dress

Confident Liz has her heart set on a sexy dress, but Gok can't find one she likes. Plus, Nikki has lost a lot of weight and is scared to see...

Episode 3

Nan Knows Best

Former pageant queen Jodie brings her very opinionated nan along, and she isn't easily impressed. Plus, Gok helps Bwalya find a dress that shows off her curves.

Episode 4

Making Mum Happy

Jess' mum was given a tough cancer diagnosis, so finding the right dress with her is important. But, they have very different ideas about the type of dress!

Episode 5

An Unconventional White Wedding

Jordan wants a blush dress and her bridesmaids to be in white, her mum wants her in a 'Big Fat Gypsy Wedding' style - can Gok find a middle ground?

Episode 6

The One That Got Away

Jess seeks a replica for a dress she saw online but is no longer available. Natasha wants a strappy gown, but her mum thinks her tattoos will steal the show!

Episode 7

Once Upon A Time In The North

Jade dreams of a fairytale 'Beauty and the Beast'-themed wedding. And, Gok helps cancer survivor Raven find a gown and regain her confidence.

Episode 8

Bring On The Bling

With an unlimited budget, Helen wants a blingy dress but Gok has other ideas. After her bone marrow transplant, Bethany returns for alterations to her gown.

Episode 9

Showtime Or Showdown

Mackenna has her heart set on a floaty boho-dress, but mum has different ideas! Plus, Laura is completely out of her comfort zone when she's trying on dresses.

Episode 10

Fit For A Princess

Transgender bride Sophie Rebecca longs for a princess dress, but her mum wants her to flaunt her curves. Paige seeks a dress to fit her post-pregnancy body.

Episode 11

See Through Showdown

Bride Mel is hoping to find a wedding dress that will show off her body. Meanwhile, can Gok keep the peace between Hayley and her opinionated mum?

Episode 12

Always The Bridesmaid, Finally The Bride

Having been a bridesmaid seven times, Candice is finally getting married but struggles with how she looks. Gok helps rebuild her confidence.

Episode 13

Gok Goes For Gold

2012 Olympic gymnast Jennifer is still getting used to her new curves, can Gok help her embrace her body? Plus, Sarah is having second thoughts about her dress.

Episode 14

A Snip And A Tuck

Fashion-lover Kirsty wants to wear trousers on her big day, so Gok gets creative with his designs. Celise is worried her Mormon parents won't approve of her dress.

Episode 15

Hot Under The Collar

A priest wants a smooth outfit for her wedding day in Sicily. Plus, Rachel is concerned her recent weight gain will hamper her search for a dress.

Episode 16

Go Big Or Go Home

Nikki has a budget of £5,000 to find the perfect dress for her big day. Plus, Lisa seeks a unique outfit that will make her stand out on social media.

Episode 17

Gok Takes The Reins

After losing six stone, Steph is nervous about finding a dress that suits her figure. Plus, Gok helps Esther pick out an outfit with a budget of £3,000.

Episode 18

A Boobilicious Bride

60-year-old Wendy refuses to be defined by her age and wants a revealing showstopper gown. Plus, Amy has fallen out of love with her dream dress.

Episode 19

Make Room For The Groom

Hannah is no longer sure she wants the huge princess gown she dreamed of as a child. And, Lisa turns up to the boutique with her fiancé!

Episode 20

Bling It On

Harriet wants a glamorous dress for her wedding in a French chateau. And, Chantelle must work to a tight budget to find a dream outfit on time.