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Episode 1

We've Got A Lot Of Catching Up To Do!

New consultant Becca tries to find bride Lindsey her dream dress and appease her fussy entourage. And, will a surprise postpone Kisha's wedding?

Episode 2

I Feel Like I'm In Dress Heaven

With her fiancé in federal prison, Sherien has a few years to find her dream dress. Carla wants the perfect gown for her magical day in Santorini.

Episode 3

Paying It Forward

After her life-threatening battle with kidney disease, Bride Alyssa's future is looking brighter than ever. Plus, Bride Shornell has a last-minute dress-dilemma.

Episode 4

Walking On Egg Shells

Tensions flare for Bride Kandace and her complicated family dynamics! Plus, bride Kelly is reduced to tears by her pageant coach and his harsh opinions.

Episode 5

Let Me Show Y'all How It's Done

Candace's best friend, Monte and her son, Cade battle it out to find her the best dress! Bride Marcia's uncle wants sparkle but her mum wants simple.

Episode 6

Somebody Just Turned On The Vixen!

Bride Erin wants a "sexy vixen" reception dress. Plus, bride Sami and her mum are best friends but can Robin satisfy their very different tastes?

Episode 7

You Can't Give Every One A Rose

Former Bachelorette Britt finally found love and needs a dress fast! Can the team prove to 6'2'' Shelby, bridal bliss comes in all shapes and sizes?

Episode 8

Men Of Honor?

Bride Emiliegh made her brothers her 'Men-of-Honor'. But will a family rivalry turn her dress appointment upside down? Fussy bride Holly can't decide on anything.

Episode 9

Way Out Of My Comfort Zone

Consultant Melissa is thrilled to find out her bride is Miss America! Navy veteran Joan and her fiancé have three months to marry before he ships out.

Episode 10

It's Dani Day!

Country star, Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum, helps leukaemia survivor Dani pick a wedding dress. Arica is a little person seeking a gown to fit and flatter.