Episode 7

The Black Sheep

After a night of passion with Daniel, Maureen worries about an abnormal itch. Sabrina and Jethro have an emotional showdown, while Rosanna goes on her first date.

Episode 8

The Family Resemblance

Maureen and Rosanna must decide to go English or stay Amish. Jeremiah meets his biological cousins, and Sabrina tries to save her relationship with Jethro.

Episode 9

The Last Time You See Family

Maureen's Amish parents deliver a devastating blow. And, Sabrina fears Jethro will fall back into his pattern of destructive behaviour.

Episode 10

The English Makeover

Ada throws a party to celebrate Maureen and Rosanna's English makeovers. Jeremiah wants to be a father, and Carmella reveals a shocking secret.