Episode 1

The Panic In Amish Park

The pandemic has forced Jeremiah, Carmela, Ada, and Sabrina to come together in Florida. Plus, Sabrina prepares for the arrival of her second child.

Episode 2

The Past Isn't The Past

Ada takes Maureen and Rosanna to the ocean and Jeremiah connects with his biological father. An unexpected guest threatens Sabrina and Jethro's baby shower.

Episode 3

The Time Has Come

Sabrina must head to the hospital alone due to COVID-19. Jeremiah discusses having a baby with Carmela, and Rosanna hears strange noises from Maureen's bed.

Episode 4

The DNA Test Request

Sabrina and Jethro bring their newborn baby home. Maureen questions whether Rosanna has a crush on Daniel, and Jeremiah asks Dennis to take a DNA test.

Episode 5

Episode 5

Jeremiah reacts to the DNA test results and a shocking truth about his family history. Plus, Maureen and Rosanna go shopping for bathing suits.