Episode 1

The Accidental Erection

16 singles arrive on the island and bare it all for a chance at love. Barak finds it hard to hide his attraction to Lauren, while Ben serenades Cassalei.

Episode 2

Thirsty in Paradise

As Bennett and Britt get physical, Candice plots to get him back. Cassalei falls hard for Jay, while Barak and Chelsea share a surprise kiss.

Episode 3

Tinder Gone Wild

Barak goes on a romantic date with Chelsea, while sparks fly when Candice teaches Jay how to hot hula. Plus, two unlucky lovers leave the island.

Episode 4

Island Heatwave

Crystal sets her sights on a surprising new romantic partner as the groups merge together. Cass breaks up Barak and Chelsea, but will it last?

Episode 5

Size Does Matter

When Britt decides bigger is better, Bennett is kicked to the curb. Crystal and Candice stay behind to explore a connection they didn't see coming.

Episode 6

Flex On The Beach

Will Cassalei's ultimatum make Jay change his ways? Meanwhile, Bennett is stuck on Britt, but a cliff jump with Rachel could mean a change of heart.

Episode 7

I Kissed A Girl

Crystal takes Candice to a romantic waterfall and makes her move. Plus, will a secret exposed be the beginning of the end for Cass and Jay?