About The Show

David Bromstad helps lucky Americans buy their dream properties. The families, couples and individuals have won big in the lottery or on scratch cards.


Episode 1

500,000 Reasons To Party

A Wisconsinite is ready to ditch her tiny apartment after winning $500,000. David Bromstad helps her find a home with space to entertain friends and family.

Episode 2

The Lottery Queen

An avid gambler won $500,000 on the lottery and is ready to hunt for a house with David Bromstad. She wants a fixer-upper so she can put her own stamp...

Episode 3

Mountain High Dreams

A Florida couple receives a $900,000 inheritance from a long-lost relative. David Bromstad steps in to help them find a mountain vacation home in Georgia.

Episode 4

First-Time Forever Home

David Bromstad heads to Texas to meet a couple who won the lottery. The pair have construction and inspection experience, so they keep David busy.

Episode 5

A Spacious Win

A single mother won $3 million on the lottery and wants more space for her three growing girls. David has his hands full finding a home with rooms for everyone.

Episode 6

G'ma's Pad

With 37 piercings, 89 tattoos and endless wigs, David has never met a winner like this grandma! She wants a big house with a big yard for the grandkids.

Episode 7

Vacation Time At The Cape

A Massachusetts couple win the jackpot and decide to buy a home in Cape Cod. David must work fast to help them snatch up their perfect place.

Episode 9

Gone Fishin' For A Dream Home

After a $250,000 win, a couple are moving back to Louisiana. They want plenty of space for visitors with a fishing hole nearby.

Episode 10

So Young So Rich

In North Carolina, David helps his youngest winner yet put her $390,000 prize towards buying a home to share with her mother and sister.

Episode 11

Million-Dollar Wonderland

David braves the Ohio cold to help a couple find the perfect compromise between city and country living in a snow-covered winter wonderland adventure.

Episode 12

Border Town Bonanza

David helps a couple hunt for a dream home on the border between New York and Canada. They want a beautiful property with country charm and a pool.

Episode 13

Million-Dollar Baby

A big lottery win means a family of three can move out of their cramped one-bedroom apartment. David shows them around dream properties in Binghamton, New York.

Episode 14

Six Million Reasons To Smile

After winning $6,000,000, a couple want a life of luxury in Brevard County, Florida. David takes them on a house hunt full of sun, sand and glamour.