About The Show

David Bromstad helps lucky Americans buy their dream properties. The families, couples and individuals have won big in the lottery or on scratch cards.


Episode 1

From Portland To Paradise

A man from Portland was homeless when he inherited $1,400,000 from his mother. Now, he and his partner are moving to sunny Cape Coral, Florida.

Episode 2

A Million-Dollar Hug

A mother and her two daughters won $1,000,000 on a scratch ticket. David helps them search for their dream home in Leechburg, Pennsylvania.

Episode 3

California Dreams

A woman won $5,000,000 on a scratch card. She can now move her family of five out of their two-bedroom apartment and into a stunning Orange County home.

Episode 4

Mortgage Free In Atlanta

After winning $1,000,000, a family want to live mortgage free and buy a huge home in Atlanta. They're looking for a place with a few projects.

Episode 5

To Son, With Love

A devoted grandma won $1,000,000 on a quick pick. Now she wants her youngest son and his family to find their own home in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Episode 6

Seven Million Big Ones

Despite winning $7,000,000, two New York EMTs want to save most of it for travelling the globe after they retire. David helps them find a Florida dream home.

Episode 7

Cashed Up In Cartersville

After winning $2,000,000, a couple are now able to move the whole family from Florida to Georgia. They want lots of land and at least four bedrooms.

Episode 8

Oh, My Goodness!

After winning $5,000,000, two empty nesters are buying a forever home for their children. David takes this generous couple on an adventure through Hudson Valley.

Episode 9

Rags To Riches

A couple were struggling financially until they won $1,000,000 on a scratch-card. David shows them around the neighbourhood of Winter Park, Florida.

Episode 10

Massachusetts Millions

A winning couple search for their very first home in Salem, Massachusetts. The houses are gorgeous, full of history and maybe even a few ghosts!

Episode 11

For Lovers And Lottery Winners

David joins a lucky family on their hunt for a dream home that has separate rooms for the kids and a huge garden in Richmond, Virginia.

Episode 12

A Fistful Of Friendship

Babs won a $60,000 Bingo jackpot and can now afford a home closer to her best friend in Phoenix. She wants plenty of space for entertaining.

Episode 13

Millionaire Mama

A mother is excited to spend her $1,000,000 win on a Miami dream home. She wants a detached home, but David hopes to change her mind with some gorgeous townhouses.

Episode 14

Heartfelt Inspiration

Three years after facing tragedy, a couple want to find their dream home in Burleson, Texas. They hope to open the area's first female-run brewery.