Episode 1

Somewhere In There Is A Foot

A woman with a life-threatening scar on her foot turns to Dr. Schaeffer for help. And, a man comes in with a terrible case of foot fungus.

Episode 2

Looks Bad, Feels Worse

A man with a rare disease has the largest feet Dr. Schaeffer has ever seen. And, an athlete with two different sized feet undergoes a difficult operation.

Episode 3

Trouble With Toes

Surgery to correct a woman's webbed toes becomes a crisis for Dr. Schaeffer when she develops a dangerous complication that could cost the patient her toes.

Episode 4

Alligator Feet

Dr. Vincent faces an 8-hour surgery to repair the worst case of dancer's feet she's seen. A woman's club feet give Dr. Schaeffer a shock when he removes her shoes.

Episode 5

Mo Toes Mo Problems

A man with a huge lump on his foot mystifies Dr. Vincent. Dr. Schaeffer encounters a wart cluster covering a man's foot, and he faces a double big toe.

Episode 6

All 12 Toes

Dr. Vincent performs a delicate surgery when she treats a toddler born with 12 toes. Plus, things get tense when a patient wakes up in the middle of their operation!

Episode 7

Doctors Are The Worst Patients

After a horrific car accident as a child, Heather's ankle was rebuilt from parts of her body. Now, it's up to Dr. Vincent to help her walk again.

Episode 8

ET Fingers

Dr. Vincent tries to save a man's enormous toe. Meanwhile, Dr. Schaeffer treats a little boy with big demands, and a man embarrassed by his incredibly long toes.

Episode 9

Fixing Frankenstein

Dr. Schaeffer straightens a woman's 'Z'-shaped serpentine foot to reset her life, as Dr. Vincent gets a drummer's foot back on the beat.

Episode 10

Hornet's Nest Feet

Dr. Ebonie diagnoses a patient with feet covered in huge, wart-like masses. Dr. Brad treats a dangerous mystery case that could be related to the elephant man.

Episode 11

Callus Catastrophe

Nate sees Dr. Brad for help with the raging calluses on his feet. Savannah has a rare condition that made her big toe grow to an enormous size.

Episode 12

Sixth Toe Surprise

Troy's extra toe causes him pain, and he hopes Dr. Ebonie can provide him with relief. Dr. Brad does his best to untangle a ballet dancer's twisted feet.

Episode 13

Amputation Situation

Patty lost most of her foot in an extreme amputation, and she needs Dr. Sarah's help. Russell visits Dr. Ebonie with feet that look like hooves.

Episode 14

Corn Crazy

Michael visits Dr. Sarah to see if she can help with his twisted toes. Robyn has big corns on her feet and hopes Dr. Brad can cut them out.

Episode 15

Under The Mistletoes

Dr. Brad, Dr. Ebonie and Dr. Sarah open their doors in a holiday tradition of spending a day giving back to the community.