About The Show

Actress and comedian, Kym Whitley, hosts Whitney, her friends and family for a post-season game night! Who knows the most? Nothing is off limits!


Episode 1

Big Fat French Crush

Whitney worries that Buddy may have abandoned her for his new girlfriend. And, she admits to starting an online relationship with a mystery man from Paris.

Episode 2

From Tutor To Suitor

A newly vaccinated Whitney prepares for a first date with her mystery French man. Plus, Buddy finally agrees to meet up with Whitney.

Episode 3

Will You Be My Surrogate?

Whitney makes some big decisions during a trip to the fertility doctor. And, she goes on her first official date with the mystery French man.

Episode 4

Vaxed And Waxed

Whitney and Ashley head to Georgia for a big girls' retreat. Plus, Whitney begins to wonder if her virtual relationship will finally become a reality.

Episode 5

Retreat Yourself

Whitney and her friends begin to doubt the French man's intentions after a shocking revelation at the big girls' retreat. Will she give him a chance?

Episode 6

Crappy Birthday To You

Whitney and Todd's birthday celebration turns into a disaster. Whitney finally confronts the French man about where their relationship is heading.