About The Show

Actress and comedian, Kym Whitley, hosts Whitney, her friends and family for a post-season game night! Who knows the most? Nothing is off limits!


Episode 1

A Tale Of Two Whitneys

Whitney creates a new business and a new life in Charlotte - and accepts a date with a new man! Meanwhile, tension between Buddy and Tal creates a dilemma.

Episode 2

Whit's New Man

Whitney seeks a permanent home in Charlotte, but will Buddy have to move? Babs' health scare leads to drastic action and sparks fly on Whitney and Chase's first date.

Episode 3

Big Fat Moves

Whitney finally moves to Charlotte, forcing Buddy to find a new place to live. Plus, after Chase asks her to be his girlfriend, will he warn Buddy off?

Episode 4

Friends With Benefits

Whitney's friends come to Charlotte for a fun weekend. But tensions rise when Heather finds out Buddy's been staying with Whitney.

Episode 5

Work On The Jerk

Whitney warns Ryan and Heather not to date. And, as Whitney quits BGDC to focus on her new business, a whitewater rafting challenge causes embarrassment.

Episode 6

Whitney Meets The Parents

Chase takes Whitney home to meet his family, but she fears they won't accept her. But the couple fights when she wants to leave early for Buddy's show.

Episode 7

Episode 7

Whitney worries for her parents' safety after her dad falls down the stairs. Meanwhile, Buddy discovers he must make amends to Whitney for his recovery.

Episode 8

Super Heavyweight Ladies

Whitney wants to tell Chase she loves him, but she is worried that he won't say it back. Plus, Babs and Glenn host a formal dinner to meet Chase.

Episode 9

Amends Between Friends

Ryan surprises Whitney with a hefty business proposition. Buddy prepares to make amends with Whitney, but is he prepared for what she has to say?

Episode 10

Worth The Weight

Whitney and Todd hatch a business plan. But Ryan's reaction threatens to derail their trip to Paris and Whitney's performance at the Weightlifting Championships.

Episode 11

A Fat Girl In Paris

The gang arrive in Paris, but Whitney worries that her and Ryan will clash. Then, Whitney wants to discuss her future with Chase, but his reaction is crushing.

Episode 12

A Big Fat Proposal

Whitney's love affair with Paris continues, but her relationship with Chase is on the rocks. Then, a big surprise awaits Whitney at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Episode 13

Engagement Party

Whitney and Chase are getting married and they throw a party to celebrate. Friends and family are ready to pour some bubbly, play some games, and dish some dirt!