Episode 1

Krystal's Journey

Krystal began overeating to shield herself with a protective layer after years of abuse. Once a means of protection, her eating habits might now kill her.

Episode 2

Isaac's Journey

Isaac helped raise his siblings after his mother suffered a stroke. While learning to cook for his family, he picked up life-changing eating habits.

Episode 3

Michael's Journey

A lifetime of abuse has left Michael anxious to leave the house. With Dr. Now's assistance, he dramatically alters his lifestyle to try and save his life.

Episode 4

Shannon's Journey

Shannon is 700-lbs and bedridden and without Dr. Now's help, her life is at risk. But, when the global pandemic strikes, Shannon's weight-loss journey is paused.

Episode 5

Irene's Journey

Irene had to move back in with her son because her weight made it unbearable to live on her own. Dr. Now is unable to get through to her.

Episode 6

Tammy's Journey

Tammy's two daughter have put their lives on hold to care for their mother. Can Dr. Now help Tammy confront her grief and overcome her eating disorder?

Episode 7

Chrystal's Journey

Chrystal is unable to shower without assistance from her teenage daughter. Can Dr. Now help her confront childhood trauma and turn her around her life?