Episode 1

Can't Buy My Love

21-year-old Brianna met her rich 60-year-old boyfriend Bill in the restaurant she worked at. Is she ready for the Dallas, Texas, high society life?

Episode 2

Million Dollar Problems

Katie decides to tell her daughter about her relationship with Kolton. Brian reveals the secret he's been hiding and Brianna meets up with Bill's ex-wife.

Episode 3

My Secret Sugar Daddy

After her lunch with Bill's first wife, Brianna confronts him about her accusations. Plus, Gentille is concerned that Brian kept a big secret from her.

Episode 4

Royal Pains

Kolton wants to tell his mum the truth about his relationship with Katie. Rosie prepares to move into Drew's loft. Gentille's friends express their concerns about Brian.

Episode 5

No Pressure, No Diamond

Bill makes a decision that will change his and Brianna's lives forever. Rosie confronts Drew about his past and Megan worries that Sean is having doubts.

Episode 6

Bling In The Big Apple

Brianna and Bill reveal to her family that they're moving. Plus, Drew takes Rosie on holiday to New York and Katie, Kolton and Julia head to North Carolina.

Episode 7

A Constructive Proposal

Brianna wants to make friends in Miami, but Bill questions her motives. Rosie and Drew discuss eloping and Megan reluctantly sees a lawyer about a prenup.

Episode 8

The Secret Is Out

At her bachelorette party, Rosie tells her friends how she met Drew. After a big fight with Bill, Brianna flies back to Dallas and Shawn has a surprise for Kate.

Episode 9

Diamonds Aren't Forever

After Bill and Brianna make up, he considers taking their relationship to the next level. Rosie and Drew head down the altar and Kate has doubts about Shawn.