About The Show

Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson get clients into the dream neighbourhood they never thought they could afford, all the while managing their busy family.


Episode 1

Marietta Square, If You Dare

Two young parents need help getting into the coveted Marietta Square area of Atlanta, but their budget doesn't allow for their dream home.

Episode 2

Midcentury Mission

First-time buyers who are obsessed with getting a mid-century home are running out of options and time. Can Mike and Egypt find them a vintage dream home?

Episode 3

Get In on the Ground Floor

A couple are struggling to find a home they can afford in their dream neighbourhood. Can Egypt and Mike persuade them to take on a renovation project?

Episode 4

Canton Get Any Better

Egypt and Mike blend a couple's styles to create their dream ranch home in Canton, Georgia. Plus, Mike plans a special anniversary surprise for Egypt.

Episode 5

Greatness in Grant Park

A couple are desperate to own a designer bungalow in Atlanta's Grant Park neighbourhood. Egypt and Mike fight a competitive market to find their dream home.

Episode 6

Sandy Springs Love

A couple need help to find a home in Sandy Springs. Egypt works to find a property in the limited market, while Mike plans to fill it with features they'll...

Episode 7

Adjusting in South Fulton

A family of five need to buy a home close to their chiropractic business in South Fulton. With a very tight budget, they'll need Egypt and Mike's help.

Episode 8

More Like Brook-Heaven

Egypt and Mike turn a couple's dated country home into a modern masterpiece. Plus, they continue their hunt for a new business headquarters.