Episode 1

Prove Yourself

Clint fears Tracie's final hours of parole when she demands to meet his disapproving mum. Meanwhile, Jazmyne warns Lizzie to stay away from Scott.

Episode 2

Truth & Lies

Megan confronts Michael about his lies and other women at his release. Clint's mum is stunned by Tracie's unexpected visit. Andrea breaks down at Lamar's release.

Episode 3

Risks & Regulations

Tracie risks all during her final hours of parole. Lamar has a cold reunion with Andrea's kids after his release. Brittany gets a harsh warning from her lawyer.

Episode 4

Second Chances

Lizzie stuns Scott with shocking allegations. Marcelino meets Brittany's friend from prison. Clint's mum sets out the rules and Megan reveals a big secret!

Episode 5

Trials & Tribulations

Tracie is enjoying her freedom, but Clint is keeping a big secret. Brittany receives devastating news in court and Scott is angered by Lizzie's accusations.

Episode 6

Dope Spoons & Second Honeymoons

Tracie explodes when Clint's big secret is revealed. Michael loses it when Sarah goes into labour. Plus, Andrea walks out on Lamar's family.

Episode 7

Close Calls

Tempers flare when Marcelino confronts Britany's ex. Sarah has an epic choice, Michael faces Megan's dad, and Lizzie gets territorial when she meets Scott's friend.

Episode 8

The Schemiest Scheme Ever

Scott's shocking confession stuns Lizzie. Tracie flips when Clint goes missing at a crucial moment, and Sarah faces Michael.