Episode 1

M.I.A. Fiancée

Shawn's missing fiancée threatens to put him on the hook for $50K. Sarah's husband and boyfriend meet. Shavel makes a shocking discovery and Lindsey confronts Scott.

Episode 2

Lame Sex Or Psycho?

Lindsey hatches a plan. Shawn's M.I.A. fiancée may be pregnant. Lamar's secret meeting puts his relationship at risk, and Michael gambles on a sexy date.

Episode 3

Secret Lives & Prison Wives

John's release spells trouble. A mother-daughter crime duo reunites. Shawn makes a shocking discovery and Brittany confronts her mum about her relapse.

Episode 4

Big Daddy's Back

Lindsey snoops on Scott and uncovers his shocking secrets. Lacey's ex gets released and demands answers, while Amber's prison wife calls with big news.

Episode 5

Ex Con-Versations

Shawn tracks down his missing fiancée and Amber's reunion with her prison wife reignites issues with Vince. Plus, Priscilla's secret sends Andrea over the edge.

Episode 6

Criminal Behavior

Lindsey releases a fury on Scott and Shawn has a strange request for his ex. Brittany can't deal with her mum's addiction, while Amber's prison wife wants more.

Episode 7

Downward Spirals

Michael confesses to Sarah and Brittany's mum goes missing. Amber has a secret, while Lamar faces off with Andrea. Plus, Lindsey won't listen to Scott's lies.

Episode 8

Truth Bombs

Lindsey reaches her breaking point, while Brittany's search for her mum takes a surprising turn. Plus, Destinie's revelation threatens her court date.

Episode 9

Payback Is A Snitch

Destinie goes rogue before court. Lindsey and Scott face off, while Shane confronts Lacey when she lies about her ex. Amber tempts Puppy with a sexy night out.

Episode 10

Inmates & Playdates

John flirts with a dangerous temptation. Sarah's date is in jeopardy when she makes a shocking confession, and Brittany gives her mum a surprising offer.

Episode 11

Good News, Bad News

John makes a shocking discovery about Lacey. Kristianna has big news, while Scott uncovers the truth about Lindsey. Plus, Brittany's mum breaks down.

Episode 12

Trick Or Cheat?

Lacey's dad faces off with her ex, and Shawn demands answers from Destinie. Puppy uncovers the shocking truth about her adoption. Amber is haunted by an old scam.

Episode 13

It's Tow Or Never

Shawn stuns Destinie with a surprising move. Quaylon faces off with his nemesis, Dmark. Puppy plots revenge and Brittany is shocked by her mum's confession.

Episode 14

30 Day Fiancé

Shavel demands a wedding in 30 days, but Quaylon has doubts. Kristianna's troubling suspicion is sparked by her mum's shocking claim. John fights a risky temptation.

Episode 15

Dirty Little Secrets

Kristianna plans to have a risky rendezvous and Quaylon makes a shocking discovery. Meanwhile, Andrea's Mormon friends question her faith.

Episode 16

Life, Death, Or Prison

Kristianna confronts her sister and husband about some shocking rumours. Michael surprises Sarah, while Destinie and Shawn expose revealing secrets.