Episode 1

My Best Girls

Relationships are on the line as three women compete with their boyfriends' mums for his affection. Kim is struggling after moving into Matt's mother's house.

Episode 2

You're Not Invited

Matt wants to spend Valentine's Day with his mum. Meanwhile, Shekeb disinvites his mother to his date night and Justina gets frustrated whilst wedding planning.

Episode 3

Don't Leave Me This Way

Stephanie struggles to win Liz's acceptance and Jason shares bad news with his mum. Plus, Emily is annoyed when Shekeb ditches her for his mother.

Episode 4

Mother-Son Tango

Kelly intrudes on a romantic dinner between Matt and Kim. Meanwhile, Mike confronts his mother about her continued disapproval of Stephanie.

Episode 5

Who's That Girl?

Laila ambushes Shekeb and Emily with an unwelcome surprise. Justina wants Jason's mum to stop interfering with their wedding plans and Matt's mum has shocking news.

Episode 6

Mommy's Choice

Steph tries to bond with Liz. Justina and her sisters fight off Annette's wedding dress demands. Emily gives Shekeb an ultimatum after being humiliated by Laila.

Episode 7

Tell What?

Kim finds herself losing patience with Matt and Kelly. Justina finally confronts Annette. Laila learns Shekeb wants to move out of her house.

Episode 8

I Need A Man

Matt takes the next step with Kim - without his mum. Steph pulls Mike away from his mum, and Emily reaches her breaking point with Shekeb.