Episode 1

Watch With Mom

The mamas and their boys watch and react to the season's most shocking moments, from lingerie shopping and back shaving to a mother-son couples' massage.

Episode 1

Complete Dominion

Kim and Matt design their new home, and Kelly is dead set on leaving her mark. Tracy marries her dream man but finds out he invited his Mum on their...

Episode 2

I'm In Their Suitcase

Tracy puts her foot down with Bryan, but he can't stand up to his mum. Liz has a lot of opinions about how Steph and Mike should decorate their new...

Episode 3

Anything For My Son

Theous and Tia's nuptials are dependent on Theous setting boundaries with his mum. Kim tells Matt about her job offer. Steph gets advice from her family.

Episode 4

Crazy Expectations

Emily wants a $40,000 ring, which blows Shekeb's mind. Tia agrees to Carolyn coming to stay for a few days, but it becomes clear she plans to stay much longer.

Episode 5

That's Not Devious Is It

Matt and Kim finally tell Kelly about Kim's job offer. Shekeb treats Emily to a spa day. Tracy and Bryan hope Jayne doesn't interfere with their honeymoon.

Episode 6

Is She Coming Too?

Kim discovers how Kelly will act if she moves to Austin. Carolyn doesn't want Tia joining her Vegas trip. Tracy is furious that Jayne is on her honeymoon.

Episode 7

She Finally Won

Las Vegas is a disaster for Tia when Theous only spends time with Carolyn. Shekeb and Laila shop for a promise ring. Steph heads for Los Angeles without Mike.

Episode 8

Third-Wheeling In My Own Marriage

Kelly sends Kim off to Austin with Bye Bye Bellinis. Steph confides in Liz after a tense conversation with Mike. Tia confronts Theous about Vegas.

Episode 9

She Failed The Test

Kim leaves for Austin, and Kelly and Matt are finally alone at last. Steph and Mike say goodbye. Shekeb packs a picnic and plans his "promise" to Emily.

Episode 10

You Don't Deserve My Son

Bryan and Tracy go on a double date with his mother. Plus, Matt realises he needs to fly to Austin as soon as possible to salvage his relationship with Kim.

Episode 11

I Saw None Of This Coming

Jayne decides if she'll continue seeing Steve. Steph is surprised by unexpected visitors. A showdown determines the fate of Matt and Kim's engagement.