Episode 1

Trapped At Age 8

Shauna tries to live like a normal 22-year-old, but she has the body of an 8-year-old. She faces many obstacles in life - at home and on a trip to...

Episode 2

The Girl With The Cherry Tattoo

Shauna heads to a brewery with friends, but her parents struggle with letting her be independent. Patty suggests Shauna try a matchmaker.

Episode 3

Love At First Height

The girls go bridesmaid dress shopping, but Shauna gets frustrated when nothing fits her. Wanting to make changes, Shauna joins a gym and goes on a blind date.

Episode 4

Get Off Your High Horse

Shauna realises her limitations while getting hands-on experience at a farm. She asks Tara for advice, but tensions rise when the sisters disagree.

Episode 5

Cranky At The Club

Shauna and Rylee throw Tara a bachelorette party in Pittsburgh that's full of surprises. Plus, things get heated between the sisters while at a bar.

Episode 6

Growing When You Can't Grow

It's Halloween, and the family is in the mood for tricks and treats! And at dinner, Shauna makes a life-changing announcement.