About The Show

Documentary following the journey of 11-year-old transgender ‘tween Jazz and her family, as they tell their story and deal with new issues as Jazz reaches puberty.


Episode 2


Jazz recovers from cosmetic revision surgery, but a month later, she faces another complication. After her break up with Ahmir, she tries to make it work with Victoria.

Episode 3

Born This Way

Jazz and her parents disagree about her choice of Pomona College instead of Harvard. Meanwhile, JoJo's grandmother is not supportive of JoJo having top surgery.

Episode 4

I'm Still Standing

A sceptical Jazz visits Harvard with her parents, but she still isn't convinced it is the right college for her. Plus, she heads back to New York to see Dr...

Episode 5

Communications Breakdown

Jazz announces where she wants to go to college which triggers her anxiety. Plus, she plans a drag show fundraiser for Noelle's gender confirmation surgery.

Episode 6


After weeks of planning, the drag show fundraiser is finally here! But, the pressure and stress of organising and performing causes Jazz's anxiety to go into overdrive.

Episode 7

Under Pressure

Jazz faces the most intense pressure of her life as she prepares her valedictorian speech for her high school graduation. Plus, she shops for a new college look!

Episode 8

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Jazz seeks emotional wellbeing at a retreat. Meanwhile, despite being short of her goal, Noelle moves forward with her gender affirmation surgery.