About The Show

Ben and Erin Napier help new people moving to their small town of Laurel, Mississippi, to find a house and revitalise and renovate it into their dream home.


Episode 1

Bachelor's Paradise

After years of travelling, a man wants to buy a home where his family has lived for five generations. Ben and Erin find a cottage with good resale potential.

Episode 2

Inspired By The Sea

Erin and Ben Napier are on a mission to restore houses in their town back to their historic charm. They are helping a mum create her dream home for her...

Episode 3

The Church House

A minister and his wife are offered a clergy house, but the home is too cramped for their family of seven. Ben and Erin share their vision for the home.

Episode 4

From Los Angeles To Laurel

Erin and Ben are on a mission to restore houses in their town. They are helping Richard T Jones and Nancy Robinson find and renovate a home to rent out.

Episode 5

The Littlest House

A savvy business woman is tired of living with her mum, so she enlists Ben and Erin's expertise. She wants a small property with a porch.

Episode 6

Restoring A Craftsman

Ben and Erin help empty nesters choose a forever home and give it a historic renovation with a gorgeous master suite, custom kitchen and screened-in porch.

Episode 7

Can This House Be Saved?

After inheriting her family home, a young woman is ready to renovate it. Ben and Erin have a $120,000 budget, but the house may need too much work.

Episode 8

The Sky's The Limit

Ben and Erin help a client who has lived all over the world. He wants a property with plenty of space, a modern and industrial kitchen and he has an...

Episode 9

Something About A Porch

A couple is looking for a historic house with a porch and plenty of green space. Ben and Erin transform their new home into a house full of charm.

Episode 10

Home Away From Home

Ben and Erin help a couple find a vacation home that's big enough to entertain. They create the perfect getaway for them and add a large chef's kitchen.