About The Show

Ben and Erin Napier help new people moving to their small town of Laurel, Mississippi, to find a house and revitalise and renovate it into their dream home.


Episode 1

Southern Coastal Style

A couple want to move back to the coast of Mississippi. They have an all-in budget of $300,000, can Ben and Erin find them the perfect home?

Episode 2

Home Is Where The Art Is

An artist wants to buy a home with an art studio near family and friends. She has a budget of $200,000 and Erin adds loads of bold colours to the...

Episode 3

A Vacation Every Day

Erin and Ben work with a family of five moving inland from the Mississippi coast. They want a large home with architectural details and plenty of space.

Episode 4

Everybody Wants A Porch

A couple moves to Mississippi in search of a slower pace of life and historic home. Ben and Erin inject their new home with a deluxe kitchen and porch.

Episode 5

Small Town Life Awaits

A Canadian couple are searching for a vacation home that will one day become their retirement retreat. Will their $140,000 budget stretch far enough?

Episode 6

A Doctor In The House?

Ben and Eric help a paediatrician and his wife find a home with plenty of historic charm. The want to have lots of space and an outdoor entertaining area.

Episode 7

Sweet Home Laurel

A Mississippi native is moving back to her home town. She has a budget of $100,000 and with Ben and Eric's help she gets the quaint home she's always wanted.

Episode 8

An Old Familiar Place

After 30 years of being away, a woman decides to retire in the place she spent her childhood. Erin designs an elegant, airy home and Ben adds unique features.

Episode 9

A Modern Millennial Makeover

A couple are looking for their first house. Ben and Erin give the home a colourful millennial look with a charming nook and stunning master suite.

Episode 10

Leaving The Nest

Newlyweds and local artists want a large, open kitchen with plenty of room for entertaining. Ben and Erin design a luxury home that leaves the couple speechless.

Episode 11

Moving To Main Street

A woman is ready to downsize and move into town so she can be closer to her friends and family. Will she find her dream home within her $125,000 budget?

Episode 12

Small Budget, Big Style

Ben and Erin help a local business owner find a thrifty-friendly starter home. The house needs to be within walking distance of town and must have character.

Episode 13

Putting Down Roots

A couple of doctors are looking for a historic home that has plenty of space for entertaining. With Ben and Erin's help they find their dream house.