About The Show

Karen E. Laine and Mina Starsiak are setting out to revitalize their hometown. They buy rundown houses to transform them into stunning urban remodels.


Episode 1

A Stately House On Sanders

Mina and Karen take on a 2,800-square-foot home with four bedrooms and a bonus space. It needs a lot of work, and they can't agree on design and style.

Episode 2

New House, Old Spirit

Mina and Karen make a risky purchase when they buy a worn-down house on an undeveloped block. They need to build from the ground up and add classic features.

Episode 3

Little Pink House On Palmer

Mina and Karen buy a duplex in a downtown neighbourhood. They are developing the property for Mina's sister-in-law, so this is an important job for them.

Episode 4

The Brickyard Brick House

Mina and Karen take on a historic brick house in south Indianapolis. Luckily, they have a big budget, so they add two more storeys and create a whole new layout.

Episode 5

Shiplap Surprise

Mina and Karen redecorate a tiny but expensive two-bedroom home on a tight budget. They plan to reconfigure the floor layout and build additional bedrooms.

Episode 6

Nothin's Easy On East Street

Mina and Karen work on giving an East Street home more bathrooms and a new layout. A water line issue forces them to get creative with this renovation.

Episode 7

Tiny Condo, Giant Upgrade

Mina and Karen buy a building with multiple condos and start renovating a ground unit. They'll create an open kitchen and work on the building's exterior.

Episode 8

First House On The Block

Mina and Karen renovate the first of several houses they purchased. The small three-bedroom home has a strange layout and a few architectural challenges.

Episode 9

Chop And Pop

In the hope of turning a good profit this time, Mina and Karen give a small home more space with a new story addition. They will also focus more on...

Episode 10

Townhome of Trouble

A century-old duplex on Talbott Street in Indianapolis becomes Mina and Karen's new project. They will focus on one unit at the time and must stay on budget.

Episode 11

Old Doors, New Wall

Mina and Karen work on a duplex that keeps surprising them with unexpected challenges, including a wall made of old doors. There's also a foundation issue.

Episode 12

Big Money In Fountain Square

Mina and Karen take on a large, partially-constructed house, abandoned by investors. Tensions rise when the kitchen cabinets' design must be decided.

Episode 13

Battle Of The Two Chicks

Mina and Karen take on a big duplex and decide to make this project a competition. They renovate one side each and real estate agents pick the winner.

Episode 14

Keeping It In The Family

Mina and Karen remodel a condo for Mina's sister and her girls. They transform it into a dream home with personalized touches, including a special mural.