About The Show

Karen E. Laine and Mina Starsiak are setting out to revitalize their hometown. They buy rundown houses to transform them into stunning urban remodels.


Episode 1

DIY Reno Rescue

Mina and Karen are called in to transform a traditional two-storey house. They expand the dining room and convert the master into a gorgeous en suite.

Episode 2

Fountain Square Flashback

Karen and Mina tackle a charming bungalow. They decide to give it an eclectic California vibe by combining its original features with modern touches.

Episode 3

The Cottage Catastrophe

Mina and Karen return to the Old Southside neighbourhood to renovate a crusty cottage. When an unexpected disaster hits, the duo must rethink their entire plan.

Episode 4

Old Biker Bar

Mina and Karen transform an old biker bar into a single-family home. Will their changes be enough for this property to leave behind its wild ways?

Episode 5

Free House, Expensive Reno

Mina acquires a small cottage from a real estate friend. However, serious problems with the property lead to a drastic change in plans.

Episode 6

MJ's Dream Home

Design assistant MJ and his husband recently bought their first house. Mina and Karen work with a limited budget to make their dream home a reality.

Episode 7

The Boho Bungalow

Mina and Karen begin work on a home in Garfield Park. With a tight budget and narrow profit margin, the team face a big challenge to transform this tiny property.

Episode 8

Cottage Becomes Artistic Oasis

A couple that run a non-profit benefiting the Garfield Park neighbourhood enlist Mina and Karen to renovate one of their dilapidated properties.

Episode 9

Mina's East Street Investment

Mina and her husband decide it's time to renovate and sell their rental property. They create a retreat full of elegant marble and urban colours.

Episode 10

Tad's Tiny Home

Mina and Karen look to turn an old garage into a tiny home for Mina's brother, Tad. With foundation issues and a broken pipe, this tiny home has massive issues.

Episode 11

The Gloriously Glam Home

Mina and Karen purchase a vacant lot and what begins as a new construction to sell on the market quickly turns into a glam build for Mina's friend.

Episode 12

Updated Victorian In Old Southside

Mina and Karen purchase a hoarder house filled with garbage and hiding fire damage. The duo attempt to turn it into an updated Victorian.

Episode 13

Chelsea Vibes In Old Southside

Karen and Mina buy a duplex of townhouses and want to give the left side a Chelsea flat theme. The challenge proves to be bigger than expected.

Episode 14

The Greenwich Village Townhouse

Mina and Karen renovate the right side of their duplex townhouse. Plus, Karen shares a major announcement about her future.