About The Show

Karen E. Laine and Mina Starsiak are setting out to revitalize their hometown. They buy rundown houses to transform them into stunning urban remodels.


Episode 1

Scary To Chic In Old Southside

Mina and Karen turn an insect-infested lot into a chic oasis for a new family. They plan to fix the home's foundation and refresh the interior.

Episode 2

Bringing In The Buyers

Mina and Karen begin work on the East Palmer House. However, unforeseen problems begin to emerge that may make this project a major catastrophe.

Episode 3

A Charred Charmer For Cory

Mina and Karen tackle a 100-year-old home that's suffered fire and foundational damage. Cory loves its potential and wants to make it his permanent home.

Episode 4

Tiny Condo Big Reno

Mina and Karen renovate a tiny condo in the Old Southside. They try to maximise the space with loads of art deco character and a remodelled bathroom.

Episode 5

Historic Cottage For Flippers

Mina and Karen help a pair of first-time flippers to prevent their historic cottage home property renovation from becoming a flop.

Episode 6

Teardown To Italian Treasure

After buying a home sight unseen, Mina and Karen tear it down. They work to figure out how to make the new build feel like a charming Italian villa.

Episode 7

Starting From Scratch

Mina and Karen discover that the only way to save an abandoned fire-damaged home is to rebuild it from scratch. They revive it with a French-inspired design.

Episode 8

Big Build, Big Risk

Mina and Karen return to Talbott Street for their largest project on the block! They turn an abandoned new build into a modern lake house-style marvel.

Episode 9

New Babies, New Neighborhoods

The renovation plans for Mina and Karen's first house in a new neighbourhood begin to crumble. With Mina's baby due soon, the pressure is on.

Episode 10

Claire's Crooked Cottage

Mina and Karen help a mother straighten out the crooked exterior on the house she bought for her daughter. They hope to add more living space.

Episode 11

Pricey Paradise, Big Problems

Mina and Karen tackle their last Talbott Street home, but money is tight. They pack it with French farmhouse design to entice buyers.

Episode 12

California Dreaming In Indy

Mina and Karen rush to complete a massive, three-story new construction build for their producer's California family, who are moving to Indiana.

Episode 13

Eclectic Art In Garfield Park

Mina and Karen get creative transforming a home with nightmarish texture on a tight budget. They turn it into an eclectic, art-filled dreamscape.

Episode 14

From Warehouse to Storefront

Mina and Karen return to the Bates-Hendricks neighbourhood for their biggest project yet. They turn a rundown warehouse into their first retail store.