About The Show

Tarek and Christina buy homes at auction for cash – sometimes unseen – and then renovate and flip them for resale. Will they manage to make a profit?


Episode 10

Midcentury Money Pit

Tarek and Christina flip a house in Fullerton, CA, across the street from Tarek's first flip. But, before renovating, they must deal with crumbling concrete.

Episode 11

Fish Out of Water

Tarek and Christina take on a flip in a new town. But the distance and uncertainty of what buyers expect lead to disputes on the scope and design of the...

Episode 12

It's A Dump

Tarek and Christina renovate an old house in Lakewood, California, near one of their previous flips. However, modernising an old house comes with a hefty price tag.

Episode 13

Big House, Big Budget

Tarek and Christina take a risk on a huge home in Anaheim Hills, CA. From invasive tree roots to a $30,000 roof, they face massive rehab costs on the project.

Episode 14

Buyer's Remorse

Tarek and Christina get a hot deal on a home in Yorba Linda, CA. They spend big to remove a fireplace, but Tarek goes behind Christina's back to change a...

Episode 15

Turf Wars

Tarek and Christina team up with their friend Pete De Best on a home in Yorba Linda, CA. They must convince him to spend money to make a profit.

Episode 16

Million-Dollar Cookie Cutter

Tarek tackles a cookie-cutter home in Newport Beach, CA, where everything looks the same. He endeavours to take his flip to the next level.

Episode 17

Hoarding Potential

Tarek and his friend, Robert, buy a home sight unseen in Lakewood, CA. When they find it's a hoarder house filled with junk, Robert worries they made a mistake.

Episode 18

Small House, Big Problems

A small house that should be an easy flip becomes a nightmare for Tarek in Fullerton, CA. An unpermitted laundry room and removing a wall cause issues.