About The Show

Tarek and Christina buy homes at auction for cash – sometimes unseen – and then renovate and flip them for resale. Will they manage to make a profit?


Episode 1

Treasure Hunt

Tarek and Christina flip a house in Fullerton, CA, with a fantastic view. But when strange additions and design challenges collide, it becomes harder than anticipated.

Episode 2

Flea Bag Flip

Tarek and Christina get a lead on a three-bed, two-bath house in Rowland Heights, CA. But when they get inside, they find big problems.

Episode 3

Bankrupt Flip

Tarek and Christina find a good deal on a house in Anaheim, CA. They need to act fast if they want to take it, but they must make an offer...

Episode 4

Unpermitted Flip

Tarek and Christina flip a home in Rowland Heights, CA, that's full of issues. There's a large pool in a small backyard, and unexpected additions.

Episode 5

Additional Problems

Tarek and Christina find a house in Long Beach, CA, with lots of potential. The refurb includes adding a bedroom and bath, but problems appear as work begins.

Episode 6

Alarming Flip

Tarek and Christina return to the street of a previous flip in Cypress, CA. When they can't agree on a design for the kitchen, they settle it with a game...

Episode 7

Money Mirage

Tarek and Christina take a gamble on a tri-level house in Irvine, CA, buying it sight unseen. The house needs a lot of work including opening up the tiny kitchen.

Episode 8

Broken Flip

Tarek and Christina flip a house with a weird vibe in Anaheim, CA. They can't tell if someone is squatting in the house or if neighbourhood louts are pranking them.

Episode 9

Cliff Makeover

Tarek and Christina take on a mid-century house in Anaheim, CA. But bad news from the city inspector and unexpected big-ticket expenses threaten their profits.