Episode 1

Sister, Sister

Twins Anna and Lucy choose to live their lives identically in every way possible. Baylee and Brooke's sleeping arrangement is hampering Brooke's marriage.

Episode 2

Me, My Sister And My Mister

Anna and Lucy want to move forward in their relationship with their shared boyfriend, Ben. Jessica is upset when her sister starts dating a new guy.

Episode 3

We Want A Fairytale

Christina reveals a big secret to her sister. Plus, Brittany and Briana struggle to separate from each other on solo dates with their husbands.

Episode 4

Us Two And Someone New

Jessica hits rock bottom with her sister, Christina. Anna and Lucy get some bad news. Ron finds Patrix a date.

Episode 5

No Secrets Between Sisters

Anna and Lucy commit to getting pregnant naturally. Brooke inserts herself into Baylee's relationship. Patrix goes on a date with her sister's help.

Episode 6

It's Time To Let Go

Anna and Lucy visit their older sister. Baylee decides she's Brooke's birth coach. Patrica gives Patrix some tough love.

Episode 7

Can't Live Without You

Brooke goes into labour, and Baylee struggles with not being in the hospital room. Christina and Jessica tell John about their psychic powers.

Episode 8

Our Happily Ever After

Patrix has a surprising announcement. Anna and Lucy learn Ben's true feelings. Briana and Brittany parent their quaternary twins.