Episode 1

A Growth To Remember

Reginald hides the embarrassing growths on the back of his head with knitted hats. And, Jackie has lived with her huge shoulder lump for nine years.

Episode 2

Video Chat, Pop, Splat!

Due to the global pandemic, Dr. Lee is consulting with her patients through video chat. Monica's big, bumpy birthmark is taking over her neck.

Episode 3

Lump Overboard

Audrey has a severe condition that leaves her with painful bumps on every inch of her body. And, Jaclyn has a lemon-sized bump on the back of her head.

Episode 4

A Nightmare On Skin Street

Larry has a hanging thigh growth so big it makes his leg go numb. With three complicated skin conditions, Ashley's case is considered a "skin nightmare."

Episode 5

Mystery Blisters

Che'Re has a squishy bump on her cheek that left her depressed and self-conscious. Buck has been breaking out in painful, fluid-filled blisters for years.

Episode 6

Split Decisions

Shakisaha's earlobe split in half during a failed body modification attempt. After a flesh-eating disease, Kelly Ann developed a huge leg growth.