Episode 2

Big Pop On Campus

Dr. Lee treats Reginald, who has a rare growth on the back of his head. Che'Re has a prominent bump on her face, and Juan has painful boils on his...

Episode 3

Cystic River

Dennis has several giant growths on his head. Juan has a rare condition he hopes Dr. Lee will understand. Natalie is covered in hundreds of mysterious dark bumps.

Episode 4

Don't Sweat It!

Audrey pops the painful bumps on her body so she can feel relief. Krista's excessive sweating is so severe that she could fill up an entire milk jug with her...

Episode 5

Pain In The Neck

John fears the large lump on his neck could become so big that it may eventually suffocate him. Shoshana is depressed because of the big growth on her forehead.

Episode 6

Cyster Cyster

Twins Tracie and Stacie have numerous matching bumps on their heads that sometimes leak. Matt, a former Marine, has a large recurring lump in his armpit.

Episode 7

Split Decision

Shakisaha split her left earlobe after stretching it with gauges. Mike is a tough guy with a soft bump on his head and Dania's rhinophyma kept her from enjoying life.

Episode 8

The Fault In Our Scars

Ed wants his stomach lump removed before his girlfriend gets out of prison. And, James has a large, squishy lump on his forehead.

Episode 9

Comedone Sail Away

Former cruise ship worker Julie hopes Dr. Lee can remove her large back growth. And, JD is a gentle giant with a pear-shaped mass hanging off his ear.

Episode 10

A Spoonful Of Cyst

Stephen's large, bulbous nose gets him unwanted attention, and he hopes Dr. Lee can help. Plus, Veronica wants to be free of the bump on her butt crack.

Episode 20

Season's Squeezings

'Tis the season for squeezing and Dr. Lee's patients are popping with presents. Patients include Santa impersonator Tim, who has a huge neck growth.