Episode 1

Biggest Transformations

These are 10 of the biggest transformations performed by Dr. Sandra Lee. From slicing off bumps to curing rashes, she has changed countless patients' lives.

Episode 2

Messiest Pops

In the ultimate pimple popping countdown, these are 10 of the ooziest, juiciest, and most epic skin extractions encountered by Dr. Sandra Lee!

Episode 5

Pain In The Neck

John fears the large lump on his neck could become so big that it may eventually suffocate him. Shoshana is depressed because of the big growth on her forehead.

Episode 6

Cyster Cyster

Twins Tracie and Stacie have numerous matching bumps on their heads that sometimes leak. Matt, a former Marine, has a large recurring lump in his armpit.

Episode 9

Comedone Sail Away

Former cruise ship worker Julie hopes Dr. Lee can remove her large back growth. And, JD is a gentle giant with a pear-shaped mass hanging off his ear.

Episode 10

A Spoonful Of Cyst

Stephen's large, bulbous nose gets him unwanted attention, and he hopes Dr. Lee can help. Plus, Veronica wants to be free of the bump on her butt crack.

Episode 11


Brittany has been called a monster due to a genetic condition that causes head-to-toe bumps. Tamyra has skin so thick she shaves the bottom of her feet for relief.

Episode 12

My Third Eye

Jaclyn has a lump on the back of her head that causes her emotional distress. Shane has a growth between his eyes that could put him in danger at his...

Episode 13

Shoulder Boulder

Stacey's shoulder growth prevents her from being the playful teacher she once was. Matthew worries that his mysterious shin rash may be dangerous.

Episode 14

Brain Pimple

Robert has a tomato-sized growth on his butt cheek that causes him pain and discomfort. Sharon has a stinky, squirting cyst under her breast.

Episode 15

The Exorcyst

Covered in bumps, Keke is embarrassed to be intimate with her husband. Corey has been labelled a devil worshipper because of his forehead growth.

Episode 16

Numbing Nevus

Monica returns in the hopes that Dr. Lee can remove more of her face growths. Ken has several large cysts on his head that he has tried to remove on...

Episode 17

Driving Miss Lumpy

Corey is a drag queen and has a bump dangling from his backside. And, the large growths on Virginia's upper arms make it difficult to travel in her RV.

Episode 18

Alligator Skin

Terry's nose growth has prevented him from meeting his grandkids. And, Remi has alligator-like skin and is not used to taking care of herself.

Episode 19

My Giant Nose Is Killing Me

Roger has huge growths on his nose that drip pus, attract flies and make breathing difficult. Plus, two sisters share many undiagnosed face bumps.

Episode 20

Season's Squeezings

'Tis the season for squeezing and Dr. Lee's patients are popping with presents. Patients include Santa impersonator Tim, who has a huge neck growth.

Episode 21

The Lipoma Psychic

Roger returns and hope Dr. Lee can help with his gigantic nose growths. Christine has lost her essence due to a large growth on her shoulder.