Episode 1

Lookin' For Love In Lumpy Places

Gabriel has a huge growth on his clavicle but is terrified of surgery. Karen has dealt with painful, scaly feet for 22 years with no diagnosis.

Episode 1

This Is Zit: A Super(numerary) Extraction

Joanne's forehead growth has held her back from success. Plus, Shakisaha split her left earlobe after stretching it with gauges.

Episode 2

The Incredible Bulk

Ruben is a personal trainer whose head growth has prevented him from seeing clients. Kaitlin has blue marks and scars due to long-term drug use.

Episode 2

This Is Zit: Blackheads Are Back

Tanisha has an arm growth and itchy scars all over her body. Ed wants his stomach lump removed before his girlfriend gets out of prison.

Episode 3

Raw Meat Mass

Margarita is a matriarch who has been hiding her armpit lump from her family. Bradley has a concerning growth that looks like raw meat on his leg.

Episode 3

This is Zit: The Traveling Lipoma

A former cruise ship worker hopes Dr. Lee can remove her large back growth. Plus, David has two painful bumps on his neck and one on his finger.

Episode 4

The Never-Ending Keloids

Jeremy is a pastor with a hanging growth in an embarrassing location. Todd has a bump protruding from his forehead that is painful and humiliating.

Episode 4

This is Zit: Lipoma Headrest

Veronica wants Dr. Lee to remove the bump on her butt. Marty has a large, 30-year-old growth on his shoulder that he is ready to remove himself.

Episode 5

Cyst Pits

Drag queen Tameru is covered in tiny clusters of cysts on his chest, arms and neck. He discovered his bumps over a decade ago and still doesn't know what they...

Episode 5

This is Zit: Don't Turn

Brittany has been called a monster due to her genetic condition. Plus, Leonardo has a fist-size growth on his head, but he is terrified of doctors.

Episode 6

This is Zit: Lipoma De Hombro

Jaclyn has a lump on the back of her head that causes her distress. The growth between Shane's eyes could put him in danger at his electrician job.

Episode 6

Hard Knot Life

Jason lost confidence and motivation due to the large growth on his neck. Shawnell has multiple mystery bumps on her head that have destroyed her self-esteem.

Episode 7

Ear's In Trouble!

Roger has a considerable growth on his shoulder that he calls his "second head." Jenna is a bubbly teenager with an even bigger bubble behind her ear.

Episode 7

This Is Zit: The Floral Cyst

With bonus scenes, Stacey's shoulder growth impedes her teaching. Mark has a growth in his pubic area that has affected his sex life.

Episode 8

This Is Zit: Pain In The Neck

With bonus scenes, Lattyse's mysterious eyebrow growth gives her headaches. Plus, Robert has a painful, tomato-sized growth on his backside.

Episode 8

Three Times A Keloid

Robert has a small keloid on his ear and a large, snakelike keloid on the back of his head that has been removed and returned three times.

Episode 9

Scarry Scarry Night

Robert is back to see if Dr. Lee and Dr. Umar can remove his recurring head keloid for good. Justice has small lesions all over her body that get inflamed.

Episode 10

My Brainlike Bump

Debra has a large, brainlike growth on the side of her head that feels like a sponge, has crevices and emits an odour. Cowboy Dusten has painful lump on his...

Episode 11

Booty And The Beach

Eric hopes Dr. Lee can remove the giant growth from his backside. Plus, Michael makes jokes, but he knows the bump on his head is anything but funny.

Episode 12

Alligator Arms

Robert has thousands of unique bumps on his arms that Dr. Lee has never seen. Stuart's cluster of back bumps disgusts his wife but thrills Dr. Lee.

Episode 13

The Wind Beneath My Nose Bumps

Elaine calls the growth on her love handle her third breast. Jessica's cyst is close to her eye and could be dangerous for Dr. Lee to remove.

Episode 14

Do Iguanas Get Pimples Too?

Dr. Lee faces off with iguana-wrangler Madison's head growths. Chanel suffers from painful cyst tunnels that leak and smell like the food she eats.

Episode 15

Stucco On You

Bob suffers from mysterious open-wound sores all over his body. Virginia can't wait to have her lump removed. Tom is desperate to find a cure for his itchy skin.

Episode 16

My Octopus Lipoma

Steven's bump is so large, his daughter thinks he is growing a monster on his back. Ethan suffers from an irritating rash in an awkward place on his body.

Episode 17

Fast Times At Nevus High

John lost his sight at a young age and soon after began growing lumps on his body. Lynette has hundreds of pebble-sized bumps on her arms, chest, and belly.

Episode 18

Motley Cyst

Casey's birthmark covers most of her face, head, and neck. Jerry had to hang up his rock star vocal cords when a lump grew out the side of his throat.

Episode 19

Poop! (There It Is)

Aimee has a mohawk of cysts on her head. Plus, Edith's face markings and itchy skin condition turn out to be more than she expected.

Episode 20

A Head Of Cauliflower Bumps

Elizabeth's head is covered with giant cauliflower-shaped bumps. Jamaal has been growing a strange knob on his bottom since he was just a boy.

Episode 21

A Pimple Carol

Dr. Lee and her staff are swamped once again before Christmas! Wesley asks for help with a questionable growth under his eye that makes him feel like Rudolph.