Episode 1

Lookin' For Love In Lumpy Places

Gabriel has a huge growth on his clavicle but is terrified of surgery. Karen has dealt with painful, scaly feet for 22 years with no diagnosis.

Episode 2

The Incredible Bulk

Ruben is a personal trainer whose head growth has prevented him from seeing clients. Kaitlin has blue marks and scars due to long-term drug use.

Episode 3

Raw Meat Mass

Margarita is a matriarch who has been hiding her armpit lump from her family. Bradley has a concerning growth that looks like raw meat on his leg.

Episode 4

The Never-Ending Keloids

Jeremy is a pastor with a hanging growth in an embarrassing location. Todd has a bump protruding from his forehead that is painful and humiliating.

Episode 5

Cyst Pits

Drag queen Tameru is covered in tiny clusters of cysts on his chest, arms and neck. He discovered his bumps over a decade ago and still doesn't know what they...

Episode 6

Hard Knot Life

Jason lost confidence and motivation due to the large growth on his neck. Shawnell has multiple mystery bumps on her head that have destroyed her self-esteem.

Episode 7

Ear's In Trouble!

Roger has a considerable growth on his shoulder that he calls his "second head." Jenna is a bubbly teenager with an even bigger bubble behind her ear.

Episode 8

Three Times A Keloid

Robert has a small keloid on his ear and a large, snakelike keloid on the back of his head that has been removed and returned three times.

Episode 21

A Pimple Carol

Dr. Lee and her staff are swamped once again before Christmas! Wesley asks for help with a questionable growth under his eye that makes him feel like Rudolph.