Episode 1

Mercy Mercy Me

Dr. Mercy tries to remove Price's lipoma, which is so big that it has gotten in the way of his relationship. And, Becca has a birthmark that covers most of...

Episode 2

Nose No Limits

Jorge's case of rhinophyma is so bad that he has trouble breathing. Dr. Mercy plans to reshape his nose, but it will take multiple procedures.

Episode 3

Humps, Bumps And Lumps

Rachel's condition gives her a full beard that she shaves daily. Former model Summer has seven cysts, including one she calls her "unicorn horn."

Episode 4

Pus, Sweat And Tears

Tiffany has a condition called Hidradenitis Suppurativa, which causes painful boils in her buttocks. Plus, Lydia's life is impacted by her excessive sweating.

Episode 5

Under Lock and Keloid

Ramon's keloids on the back of his head are so large that he may require a skin graft if removed. Tiana has two mysterious growths under each of her armpits.