Episode 1

Multiples Multiplied!

Karen and Deon and their 11 kids prepare to welcome the newest members to the family. The unborn triplets seem to be ready well before their due date!

Episode 2

Multiple Aftershocks

Deon manages the kids while Karen is in the hospital. When an earthquake happens, the Derricos' plans to carry the triplets to 32 weeks goes completely awry.

Episode 3

Triple Jeopardy

Karen comes home to greet her children after being in the maternity ward for over five weeks. Plus, De'Aren and Dyver's are cleared to leave the NICU.

Episode 4

Home For The Holidays?

Deon and Karen are hit hard by the reality of Dawsyn's extra care when they visit a doctor about her feeding tube. And, the search begins to find a nanny.

Episode 5

Divide And Conquer

Dawsyn's next big surgery is imminent and tensions are running high. Plus, GG picks the worst possible moment to talk to Deon and Karen.

Episode 6

For The Love Of Dawsyn

The stakes are higher than ever as Dawsyn heads into hospital for her final heart surgery. Plus, Darian drops a bomb that no one is prepared for.

Episode 7

Quarantine With Eighteen

The Derricos endure the COVID-19 pandemic with two high-risk family members in the house. Things take a dark turn when Dawsyn is rushed to the ER.