Episode 1

Derrico Inferno

COVID-19 has affected Halloween this year, but it won't stop the Derricos from their sizzling '70s dance off! Diez has his oblong head shape examined by a doctor.

Episode 2

A WHAT in the Oven?

GG learns about Diez's likely condition, and Deon suspects Karen might be pregnant, but his excitement is quickly thwarted by an unexpected killjoy.

Episode 3

Oh Baby

Karen and Deon endure a range of emotions over the new baby on the way, but unexpected news from South Carolina rocks Karen's world.

Episode 4

California Bound

Karen anxiously prepares for Diez's appointment with specialists in LA to determine if he needs skull surgery. And, Deon jumps the gun on a nanny search.

Episode 5

Unexpected Ultimatum

The Derricos celebrate Darian's 15th birthday with a big surprise. Meanwhile, Karen's reluctance to hire a nanny frustrates both Deon and GG.

Episode 6

Lit Christmas

With Diez's surgery to reconstruct his skull approaching, Deon wants Christmas to be extra special this year. But an unexpected expense puts his plans in jeopardy.

Episode 7

Hearts And Heads

The Derricos head out for Diez's skull surgery, and a last-minute change to the hospital's COVID protocols leaves Deon in disbelief.

Episode 8

Diez's Homecoming

While Diez is in surgery to repair his elongated skull, Deon and Karen lean on their family for support. Deonee surprises Diez with a musical get-well gift.

Episode 9

Food For The Soul

Karen and Deon are anxious to get answers about the odd changes they see in Diez. Plus, Deon fails to keep cool when Darian goes out with a boy.

Episode 10

Snowy Surprise

Diez has his post-op exam to determine how he is healing. Plus, the Derrico kids are thrilled to take their first trip to the snow - but trouble brews in...

Episode 11

Regret And Motivation

Karen is chomping at the bit now that Deon's agreed to go to therapy, but Deon faces a much greater fear after a devastating incident.