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Coming Soon

Episode 1

Curvy Brides

Yukia and Yuneisia specialize in curvier brides; from Christen, who lost her father as a child, and Zoe, a plus-size shop owner, to Gabby, who ordered her dress a size...

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Wedding Picture Perfect

Yukia gets a wedding photo re-do that makes her feel like the bride she always wanted to be. Plus, Jennifer comes to the salon with a big entourage.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Taking It To The Catwalk

Whitney Thompson, the first curvy model to win America's Next Top Model, is looking to revamp a vintage dress that appears to be in questionable condition.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Bridal Market Bling

Bianca comes to the salon to look for a reception dress that's flirty and funky with a splash of colour. Plus, bride Jocelyn is unhappy with her post-baby body.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Weighing All The Options

Yukia's diabetes it out of control and she considers having weight loss surgery. Later, bride Jessica comes to the salon to look for something dramatic.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Don't Judge a Book By its Cover

Yukia & Yuneisia worry the salon's unappealing exterior gives potential customers the wrong impression and decide to make a big change.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Mom Knows Best

Yukia and Yuneisia's mother, Diana, decides she would be a great dress consultant and tries to hijack one of their appointments. But how will the sisters react?

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Mark Downs and High Stakes

The girls at the salon are getting ready for their very first sample sale. But will the store be ready in time for the long line of customers?

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Anything Goes!

Yukia and Yuneisia's talented seamstress, Amy, has her hands full working on a whimsical customization, plus a very special request that surprises everyone.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

The Bonds of Sisterhood

Yukia and Yuneisia need a night out, but first it's all about sisterhood when a bride arrives with an abundance of love from nine bridesmaids.

Coming Soon

Episode 12

A Diva and an Opera Singer Walk into a Bridal Shop

When an opera diva and gospel singer come to the salon, Yukia, who loves to sing, can't help but show off.

Coming Soon

Episode 13

Daddy's Girl

Hearing heart-felt stories from dads and brides who have visited the salon, the sisters are inspired to lavish a little extra love on their dad.

Coming Soon

Episode 14

Brides That Inspire and a Project Prom Flyer

Two brides who have helped others inspire Yukia and Yuneisia. They get involved with Say Yes to the Prom by collecting dress donations.