About The Show

John and Abbie’s wedding is here, and everyone is getting ready for the big day. At the altar, the bride and groom share their first kiss in an unexpected way.


Episode 1

Duggars By The Numbers

How do you keep on top of running a huge family of 19-plus? The Duggars share surprising tips and tricks they've developed over the years.

Episode 1

La La Land

Jinger and Jeremy get ready start their new lives in Los Angeles and take a road trip to get there. Plus, Joy and Austin grieve the loss of their baby...

Episode 2

A Duggar Bachelor Pad

Jessa and Ben go on their first road trip with three kids. Plus, Jedidiah and Jeremiah move out of the big house and into their new bachelor pad.

Episode 2

How To Have A Duggar Wedding

How did Jessa, Jinger, Joy, Joe, Josiah and John David get married? From proposals to the perfect dress, these are the stories of the Duggar weddings.

Episode 3

Babies On Board

With a look back at the many memorable births the family has shared over the years, the Duggar ladies discuss all things pregnancy: labour, delivery and motherhood.

Episode 3

Beverly Hills Duggars

Jana and Jinger hit Beverly Hills for some shopping! In Arkansas, the girls enjoy a mum's day in and answer questions about pregnancy and motherhood.

Episode 4

The Duggar Dash

It's hard to decide which Duggar is the most competitive, so they put it to a test. The family splits into teams and Michelle sends them on a race around...

Episode 5

A Baby Girl for Joe & Kendra

Jeremy takes a skateboarding lesson with ex-pro skateboarder Brian Sumner. Kendra goes into labour, but will her doctor arrive in time?

Episode 6

A Beautiful Miracle

Lauren goes into labour 11 days before her due date. Jinger and Jeremy join Family Fun Night in Arkansas via video chat where they share a special surprise.

Episode 7

Highs And Lows

Jinger and Jeremy share devastating news. In Arkansas, Ben has second thoughts as he undergoes eye surgery. Later, Jeremy throws Jinger a surprise party!

Episode 8

Best Duggar Christmas Pageant

Jana and Jessa organise a Christmas pageant, and the whole family helps! In LA, Jinger and Jeremy cut down their first live Christmas tree together.

Episode 9

Meet Gracie Duggar

John David prepares for the arrival of his first child by making a special video for Abbie. After a 36-hour labour they're ready to meet their baby girl!

Episode 10

From Snow To Sand

Jinger and Jeremy take friends on a snow to sand adventure. In Arkansas, the guys throw John a fatherhood celebration party and Joy and Austin share exciting news.

Episode 11

Jana's Secret Garden

The family surprise Jana with something she's wanted for a long time: a greenhouse! John, Abbie and baby Gracie take her to Tennessee while it's being built.

Episode 12

Duggars In Quarantine

The Duggars show how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected them and how they're coping. Later, everyone comes together for a virtual family fun night.