About The Show

Drew and Jonathan Scott team up with American A-listers to renovate properties. Then, the celebrities give the refurbished homes to people who have supported them!


Episode 1

Lisa Kudrow's Condo Surprise

Lisa Kudrow teams up with Jonathan and Drew to surprise her cousin. They update her condo into a stylish, functional, and animal-friendly home.

Episode 2

John C. Reilly's Funky Cabin

The guys help John C. Reilly refurbish his friend's eclectic junkyard. They give it the modern upgrade it deserves, without losing its funky flair!

Episode 3

Anthony Anderson's Thank You

Anthony Anderson teams up with Jonathan and Drew to give back to his brother. They transform his dated house into the modern space his family deserves.

Episode 4

Halle Berry's Beautiful Gift

Halle Berry brings in Jonathan and Drew to surprise her lifelong mentor. They turn her home into a luxurious oasis to thank her for her positive impact.