About The Show

Jonathan and Drew redefine sibling rivalry in this flipping competition with very high stakes. Which brother will sell his house for the highest price?


Episode 1

Nice, Nice Baby

Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott have seven days to get their living and dining rooms ready for Vanilla Ice to judge!

Episode 2

If You Can't Take The Heat

The heat is definitely on Jonathan and Drew Scott. Kitchen Cousins Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri come to town to judge their kitchen spaces.

Episode 3

Twin Telepathy

Sisters Alanna and Lex LeBlanc come over to judge the brothers' master bedrooms and baths. Wayne Newton invites the winner to a private tour of his Vegas estate.

Episode 4

Family Affair

The brothers compete to see who can design the best family room, office and laundry spaces. The judges are their parents and Egypt Sherrod.

Episode 5

Makeover Magic

Jonathan and Drew get their guest bedrooms and bathrooms ready for judges David Bromstad and Tiffany Brooks.

Episode 6

The Finale

Jonathan and Drew's flip competition is almost complete. Their expertise is put to the test, when the houses go on the market for the public to make the final call.