About The Show

The couples from this season meet for the first time in a dramatic showdown. Host Shaun Robinson discusses their most intense moments, with some shocking reveals.


Episode 1

I Think You're My Future Wife

Brandon's parents' strict rules surprise his Russian fiancée, Julia. Meanwhile, Rebecca and her Tunisian beau Zied anxiously await visa news.

Episode 2

Shame On You

Hazel is hiding a secret as Tarik waits for her to arrive in the US and Brandon's mum asks Julia about birth control. Meanwhile, Zied calls Rebecca with unnerving news.

Episode 3

Bless This Mess

Brandon's parents impose their strict house rules on Julia and Yara is meeting Jovi's mum for the first time. Plus, Andrew gets ready for Amira's arrival.

Episode 4

What's Mine Is Mine

Mike fails to make Natalie feel at home. Stephanie worries her secret will ruin her relationship, while Andrew learns shocking news about Amira.

Episode 5

Who's The Boss?

Stephanie reveals her financial agreement with Ryan to family. Rebecca rushes to settle in a new home and Tarik fails to convert Hazel.

Episode 6

The Real You

Natalie confronts Mike's smelly closet. Amira's dad confronts Andrew. Zied arrives in the US to questions from Rebecca's family and Hazel meets Tarik's daughter.

Episode 7

Episode 7

Brandon's parents go away for the night, leaving him and Julia alone. Plus, Zied is starting to settle into life in America and Natalie wants security.

Episode 8

Episode 8

Natalie meets Mike's mum for the first time. Plus, Yara thinks she is pregnant and Julia wants to move out of Brandon's parents' house or she will return to Russia.