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About The Show

American men and women who fall in love with partners from distant lands travel to their home countries to begin their married lives abroad.


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Episode 1

All In The Name Of Love

Four Americans who found love abroad leave home. Corey heads to Ecuador, Tiffany and her son move to South Africa and grandmother Jenny is off to India.

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Episode 2

Embargos And Ultimatums

Evelin offers a life-changing ultimatum to Corey. Paul panics at the airport and makes a rash decision and Jenny tells her friends she's moving to India.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

It's Go Time

Corey tells his family he's moving to Ecuador. Karine is upset with Paul when she learns he didn't get his flight and Jenny lands in India, but she can't find...

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Big Expectations

Paul arrives in Brazil and surprises Karine. Plus, Laura drops a massive bombshell to her brother and son and Tiffany and Daniel board the plane to South Africa.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

No Looking Back

Corey worries about moving to Ecuador. Sumit asks Jenny to dress in traditional Indian clothes and Tiffany collects Ronald from rehab after arriving in South Africa.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Another World

Corey's arrival in Ecuador is not what he expected. Deavan has a rocky start with Jihoon's parents and Laura takes drastic action to improve her sex life with Aladin.

9:00 pm

21 Jul


Episode 7

Broken Promises

Ronald faces temptation. Facing deportation from Brazil, Paul seeks legal advice and Deavan fails to impress Jihoon's parents. And, Sumit has a secret.

8:00 pm

25 Jul


Episode 8

Chickening Out

Evelin becomes frustrated at Corey's attitude. Meanwhile, Deavan only has a few days left to impress Jihoon's parents and Jenny and Sumit receive devastating news.

8:00 pm

1 Aug


Episode 9

Ripped Apart

As the wedding approaches, Tiffany's son is doubtful. Sumit is summoned home. Paul and Karine take a daunting journey up the Amazon. Plus, Jihoon's proposal backfires.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Episode 10

American men and women who fall in love with partners from distant lands travel to their home countries to begin their married lives abroad.

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