About The Show

The Johnstons are a family with Achondroplasia Dwarfism. Being small in an average-sized world isn’t easy, but they are up for any challenge.


Episode 1

So Last Season

A recap of the last year's biggest moments in the Johnston family, from the older kids moving out to an exchange student visiting from Finland.

Episode 1

Eyebrows And Anxiety

Amber and Anna decide to upgrade their looks. Meanwhile, Trent and Amber have a heart-to-heart with Jonah about his recent behavioural issues.

Episode 2

Sleepless In Forsyth

Trent's snoring keeps Amber up at night and puts his health in danger. Meanwhile, Liz heads to Nashville for a girls' weekend but draws unwanted attention.

Episode 3

When Death Does Us Apart

Whilst Amber is working and going to school full time, Alex and Emma try to help more at home. Anna, Liz and Emma discuss their goals in love and life.

Episode 4

Adventures In PR

After the family enjoys a local strawberry festival, Elizabeth and Brice begin to move his things into her home. Trent and Amber question Jonah and his girlfriend.

Episode 5

Dating And Skating

Anna and Emma look for love at a singles event. Elizabeth meets with Brice's parents, and Jonah's girlfriend, Ashley, visits for the weekend.

Episode 6

Lettuce Get It On

Emma discovers the wild side of animal care during a new internship. Meanwhile, Jonah gets serious about his mental health, and Trent addresses his sleep issues.

Episode 7

Bomp Chicka Bow Wow Bench

Liz and Brice's plans to move in together hit another obstacle. Meanwhile, Trent and Amber argue whilst making plans to renovate a new, sleek bathroom.

Episode 8

Big Daddy's Lil Premiere

Brice surprises Liz with a special date to take their mind off the complications of moving in together. The Johnston girls catch up over sushi and a show.

Episode 9

Pickleball And Perms

Jonah prepares for the upcoming trip to the annual little people's conference. Meanwhile, the girls speculate on the reason Brice can't move in with Elizabeth.

Episode 10

Lotsa Little Lovin'

The Johnstons head to the annual Little People of America convention to meet up with friends, including Joose. Jonah and Ashley reunite to discuss rekindling.