About The Show

Amy and Tammy Slaton are morbidly obese sisters who run a successful YouTube channel. These spirited Kentucky natives are determined to lose weight so they can change their lives forever.


Episode 1

Life-Altering News

Four months after her weight-loss surgery, Amy has lost 124-lbs. Meanwhile, during the coronavirus pandemic Tammy struggles to stick to her diet plan.

Episode 2

Tippin' The Scales

Tammy is feeling low after learning she has put all the weight she lost back on. Plus, Amy is excited about becoming a mum, but she is worried about Tammy.

Episode 3

Wake-Up Call

When Tammy gets devastating news from Dr. Procter, her brother Chris makes a life-altering decision. And, a very pregnant Amy can't stop overeating.

Episode 4

A Fork In The Road

The Slatons are shocked by the cause of Amy's trip to the emergency room. Plus, Tammy must step on the scales again after a month of not sticking to her...

Episode 5

Dropping Bombs

Tammy's new doctor gives her a new weight goal, but it's not the only challenge she's facing. Amy and Michael drop a bomb that changes everything.

Episode 6

There's Something About Jerry

Tammy's boyfriend, Jerry, comes to visit just in time for Halloween, but her sister Misty questions his intentions. And, Amy faces another weigh-in.

Episode 7

Jerry Bites Back

In the final countdown to her due date, Amy has an eccentric photoshoot. The family worry that Jerry is derailing Tammy's diet and she reveals a secret to him.

Episode 8

Everybody Hurts

When the sisters visit a psychic, they both receive some disturbing news. Meanwhile, Amy must face her worst fears when she's rushed to the hospital.

Episode 9

Labor of Love

Amy receives unsettling news about the birth of her baby as her high-risk pregnancy has last-minute complications. Plus, Tammy prepares for her next weigh-in.

Episode 10

Do or Die

Recovering from COVID-19, Tammy now needs constant oxygen. Plus, Amy makes a big decision about her future, Chris has his final weigh-in and Tammy's romance is heating up!