Episode 1

Meet The Slaton Sisters

The Slaton sisters rely on each other and food for support. Amy, 31, wants to have kids but is unable to due to her weight. Tammy, 32, is almost bedridden.

Episode 2

1,000 Pounds To Freedom

Amy and Tammy go to Atlanta to meet Dr. Procter to discuss weight loss surgery. Tammy has a hefty weight loss goal, and the dietician has bad news for Amy.

Episode 3

Breaking Point

Amy and Tammy begin their weight loss journey but sticking to their diets proves to be a struggle. The pressure to reach their goals culminates in a huge fight.

Episode 4

A House Divided

After a stressful first month of dieting, the sisters head back to Atlanta for a check in with Dr. Procter. The results force Amy to make a difficult decision.

Episode 5

Wedding And Weigh-ins

Amy decides to have a real wedding ceremony in case she doesn't survive surgery. Later, the sisters head to Atlanta hoping for a life-changing final weigh-in.

Episode 6

Under The Knife

Amy undergoes gastric bypass surgery but endangers herself by not sticking to the post-op diet. And, Tammy seeks support from her love interest.