Episode 1

Supersized Besties

Four obese best friends struggle to lose weight together. Meghan had bariatric surgery, but she has stopped shedding pounds, and Vannessa gorges on fast food.

Episode 2

Large And In Charge

After disappointing weigh-ins with Dr. Procter, Meghan and Vannessa are determined to do better. Plus, the four friends attempt to conquer a huge waterslide!

Episode 3

We're Not A Joke

A challenging bungee workout has Ashely considering a second bariatric surgery. Plus, tempers flare between Vannessa and Tina on a group glamping trip.

Episode 4

Getting Her Sexy Back

Meghan attempts to gain body confidence by shopping for toys at an adult store. Plus, Vannessa prepares to move away from her toxic sister, Jakie.

Episode 5

Beauty And The Beach

After Tina struggles to play with her kids, Meghan confronts her. The ladies go to Florida so Meghan can fulfil her dream of walking on the beach again.

Episode 6

Teeny Weeny String Bikini

It's time for the best friends to face the biggest challenge on their trip - walking on the beach. Tina has an eye-opening appointment with Dr. Procter.